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Saudi Arabia Wants to arm Al-Qaeda in Syria

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The totalitarian dictatorship of Saudi Arabia wants to send more weapons to its jihadists, slaves, and thugs in Syria in order to help them even more in their fight against the secular Arab nation and the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

This was already reported yesterday and a known Syrian Minister said in the capital Damascus that Saudi money and weapons are responsible for the bloodshed in Syria and this is true – beside other factors and governments in the West and Gulf, which are also responsible for the terrorism, bloodshed, and massacres within Syrian borders. Not to mention the Erdogan regime in Turkey and the Jordan proxy king, as well as the Hariri thugs in northern Lebanon.

Meanwhile, the so-called Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia, a member of the totalitarian dictatorship in this Gulf State, has repeated his call to arm the al-Qaeda thugs and groups in Syria. The Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia also said, that any shipments of weapons to the Syrian government in Damascus should be stopped, while this is a clear statement to Russia and Iran. It is also clear that Vladimir Putin will not take this too serious.

The Saudi Foreign Minister said these statements at a news conference in Jeddah on Tuesday after the meeting with the US Secretary of State John Kerry. Birds of a feather flock together – as usual.

The so-called Prince, a rotten human individual, Saud al-Faisal, said that his country would do everything it can to help the militants in Syria, which includes arms, ammunition and also the delivery of further human resources to maintain the terrorism and bloodshed in Syria.

The Saudi Prince, Saud al-Faisal, also called for “issuing an unequivocal international resolution to halt the provision of arms” to the Syrian government in Damascus, which is funny as hell – while sending arms to jihadists and uneducated thugs, the rotten Saudi Prince wants to stop the arms shipments to the Syrian government, while it is clear that there aren’t many shipments going on currently.

It is more propaganda by Saudi Arabia and the Syrian Minister was certainly correct in his statements from yesterday – Saudi Arabia is a synonym for terrorism, bloodshed and the misuse of Islam for worldly goals and money.

The Saudi member of the totalitarian dictatorship in this Gulf State also said that his regime in Saudi Arabia “cannot be silent” over Russia, Iran and the Lebanese Resistance Movement Hezbollah supporting the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus – another funny quote by Prince Saud al-Faisal, one of the biggest terrorist supporters and U.S. pigs of and in the Middle East.

Meanwhile, Tehran has again expressed its opposition to any military and foreign interference in Syria’s internal affairs and the Iranian government also stressed repeatedly that inclusive dialog and national reconciliation, as well as free elections, are the keys to resolving the conflict and unrest in Syria.

This is on the one hand probably true, although a military victory on the ground by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) would be the best result and solution to the terrorism and battles within Syrian borders, but on the other hand, probably Iran should care a bit more about own free elections and human rights and their own system in the country than suggesting these things to other countries.

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