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SAA Officer Killed, 4 Injured in Attack on their Border Post with Lebanon

SAA 1st lieutenant Zain Muhanna killed on the Syrian borders with Lebanon

A Syrian Arab Army (SAA) officer was killed and 4 soldiers injured in an attack against their post in Damascus western countryside at the borders with Lebanon.

SAA 1st Lieutenant Zain Muhanna was killed in the attack that targeted their guarding post in the Kfeir Yabous area in the outskirts of the city of Zabadani in western Damascus countryside near the Lebanese borders yesterday Monday 05 July 2021.

The military escort that brought Lt. Muhanna to his resting place, was met by the entire village of Yabissah, who then attended the burial service of their martyred son.

The video is also on YouTube and BitChute.

The border area with Lebanon, especially the Zabadani region on the Syrian side, and the mountainous area on the Lebanese side was a stronghold for both ISIS and the Nusra Front aka Al Qaeda Levant before being liberated in a combined military operation between the Syrian Arab Army on the Syrian side of the border and the Lebanese Hezb Allah forces on the Lebanese side of the border.

Al Qaeda and its ISIS offshoot grew a strong presence in this region with the help of the US, British, Saudi Arabia, and Israel and through a number of their agents in Lebanon like the Junblat (Jumblatt) Party aka ‘Progressive Socialist Party’ and other paramilitary groups in Lebanon headed by warlords of the Lebanese civil war who are still very much in power since then. Smugglers also take advantage of the rigorous mountainous terrain for their cross borders illegal activities.

Prior to the US-led war of terror against Syria, these smugglers would mainly smuggle foreign cigarettes, electronics, and some other western consumer items from Lebanon into Syria, this developed much under the US supervision to include weapons, explosives, terrorists from Lebanon into Syria, and more notably drugs widely available in Lebanon; the US still wants to prolong the war and suffering in both Syria and Lebanon on behalf of Israel.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    May God bless his soul, hero martyr killed by the evil forces of Earth while guarding his country and defending his people, unlike the US soldiers when killed abroad they get killed while invading other countries and killing other people.

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