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Syria Druze Denounce Lebanese Chameleon Junblatt

Walid Junblatt

Walid Jumblatt, a Lebanese politician who inherited the leadership of Lebanese ‘Progressive Socialist Party’ since 1977 ‘democratically’ and a faithful servant to who pays more (Saudis usually). His party is the main political party of Druze in Lebanon; has issued a fatwa (a religious advisory opinion) to waste the blood of the Syrian Druze counting about 600,000, almost double the Druze in Lebanon and 4 times those under his command in his party.

Walid Junblatt Jumbla
Lebanese Reptile in Politics Walid Jumblatt

Syrian Druze main clerics respond to his fatwa properly. Firstly the top Druze cleric Sheikh Hikmat Hajri reminds Junblatt of his real size then Sheikh Ayman Zahriddin describes him properly, watch this report:

Video also available on Tumblr:

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