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Explosion in Ash Shaddadi Kills and Injures Kurdish SDF Terrorists

Motorbike explosion kills and injures Kurdish SDF terrorists and Syrians in Ash Shaddadi

An explosion in the Ash Shaddadi city killed and injured a number of the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists and several civilians passing by earlier today Monday 05 July 2021.

The Syrian news agency SANA and local sources confirmed the explosion was caused by an explosive device planted inside a motorbike and was detonated at the entrance of a building occupied by the Kurdish SDF terrorists in morning, the sources added that the explosion caused material damage in the vehicles and buildings near the site of the explosion.

There’s no exact count of the casualties due to the blackout imposed by the Kurdish separatist SDF terrorists, the injured civilians were rushed to the medical facility in the city for treatment. The US forces and their Kurdish SDF proxies have a heavy military presence in Ash Shaddadi city.

The US forces illegally deployed in Syria to steal the Syrian oil use the Kurdish SDF terrorists to guard the US military convoys, provide logistics support for the US forces and their ISIS proxies, and guard the ISIS breeding center in the Al Hol concentration camp for refugees. In exchange for their services, the US has promised the Kurdish terrorists to carve a country for them out of the Syrian land, this is causing the increased uprising among the threatened Syrians in the regions occupied by the Kurds in the provinces of Raqqa, Aleppo, Deir Ezzor, and Hasakah.

In addition to their problems with the local Syrians, the Kurds are also fighting with the armies of Al Qaeda-affiliated terrorists sponsored by the Turkish madman Erdogan who are also promised to create a country for them out of Syria by the Turkish regime. These Turkey-sponsored Al Qaeda-affiliated terrorists and the US-sponsored Kurdish separatist terrorists are fighting over territories, spoils of war, and the ‘marketing’ of the stolen Syrian oil and wheat at the expense of the lives of the Syrian people.

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