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SAA Cleans Saraqib from Erdogan forces, Again, and as Planned

Saraqib سراقب Idlib Countryside

Saraqib is cleaned from Turkish-sponsored terrorists, again, after NATO’s second and third largest armies attacked the SAA and its allies and entered the city, there are large numbers of casualties among Erdogan terrorists, we’ll find out an estimate of their numbers after the SAA finishes combing the city.

The city of Saraqib was cleaned from al-Qaeda terrorists last month on February 6th, it’s vital for securing the Damascus-Aleppo highway aka M5, and Aleppo-Latakia highway aka M4.

Erdogan pushed thousands of the Turkish Army in front of thousands more of the al-Qaeda’s Nusra Front and its affiliates to occupy the city again, the SAA absorbed the initial attacks until Turkey declared war against Syria, as we learned yesterday from Erdogan’s war minister Hulusi Akar.

Millions of the Syrian Arab Army were killed and thousands of SAA bases were completely flattened, that is if you follow Erdogan’s propaganda machines and even his own non-stop statements since the SAA initiated the military operation to implement Sochi and Astana agreements, which Erdogan obliged himself to fulfill 16 months ago, at least.

The Syrian Arab Army and its allies sustained considerable losses, might have reached 1% of what’s reported in Erdogan’s propaganda. No considerable material damage on SAA’s bases. The large number of casualties among the SAA and Hezb Allah ranks (1% of what’s reported by the enemies of humanity) was due to a one again backstabbing by the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood Erdogan after he assured the Russian President Putin that he stood down and is seeking de-escalation. In case some don’t know hypocrites have a reserved place in hell according to Islam, it’s in the lowest chambers of hell under the feet of the non-believers!

As we’ve mentioned multiple times already that one of the Syrian Arab Army’s strategies in combatting terrorists, the suicide fanatics like the ones we’re facing in Syria, is a smart tactic and not suicidal like them and their sponsors.

Every single time after the SAA cleaned a major city or town or even a strategic hill from NATO terrorists, they would regroup, bring their endless reinforcements from Turkey, mainly, and attack that base. Instead of the SAA holding the ground defending the base in front of the hundreds of attacking terrorists, the SAA would simply withdraw in smart tactical manner just like in the old battles, let the largest number of terrorists with the highest momentum in, and after they film their videos of celebration which will be aired by their propagandists, the SAA closes up and deletes the largest number of them with almost no sweat, each single time, without fail, Saraqib is no exception.

Whenever the SAA decided to take back any area, they would take it back even against all odds, some areas are more strategic and more prioritized than others, that’s purely up to the SAA commanders’ evaluation on the ground. Watch what the head of the Hezb Allah MPs said about the SAA back in early 2015 when the SAA was fighting over 40 open fronts simultaneously, and he knows better than the keyboard warriors and media analysts from afar:

In addition to Saraqib, the Russian Ministry of Defense today warned the Turkish Army that it cannot guarantee the safety of Turkish fighter jets any more over Idlib after the Syrian Ministry of Defense closed the air-space over the northwestern region.

Yesterday, the Iranian Advisory Center in Syria (IRGC Syria) issued a strong warning to the Turkish Army and to the Turkish people or else:

The Turkish madman Erdogan might be the smartest in his line of business, let’s not fool ourselves in that, he doesn’t look for the wealthiest customer, he selects his customer for the night from the one willing to pay more that particular night and decides how wide to open Turkey each time. Principle and honor is the last concern of those working in this line of business.

Erdogan wanted to meet the Russian President with some cards up his sleeves to try to get some benefits in exchange of de-escalating, instead, it seems he will be meeting the Russian President with something way up, but not his sleeves.

President Assad to Erdogan: ‘You don’t decide, Erdogan, you’re only a slave carrying out the orders assigned to you’:

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