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SAA Chief of Staff Inspects Front Line Soldiers in Tadmor and its Countryside


Tadmor- June 16, 2017: By instructions of Dr. Bashar al-Assad Commander of the Syrian Arab Army, the SAA Chief of Staff General Ali Abdullah Ayoub, along with ranking officers in the General Command, carried out a field tour inspecting our armed forces units operating in Tadmor (Palmyra) and its countryside.

General Ayoub met with field commanders and soldiers in their posts, he passed the regards and pride of the president to them & their heroism and the victories they’re achieving against ISIS terrorist organization.

The General heard from the commanders the details of the nature of operations carried out by them and the conditions of combats the operating units have carried out (against ISIS) in this direction.

He also saw the coming combat plans and the readiness of the forces and gave the needed instructions emphasizing on the cooperation and coordination among different forces to achieve the fast defeat of the enemy.

The General praised the high morale the fighters he met have, he noted their high skills and their courage, he insisted that the Syrian Arab Army, its friends, and allies, are determined on continuing the war against ISIS and Nusra Front terrorist organizations, and the groups allied with them, and to restore security and stability to the entirety of the lands of the Syrian Arab Republic.

In their turn, the fighters have confirmed their readiness to carry out their fighting duties and tasks to defend the nation and secure its pride and dignity.

The United States of America has overseen the creation of ISIS as confirmed by former Secretary of State under the Obama regime John Kerry, the whole idea of creating this monstrous terrorist organization was in the heart of the Pentagon’s policies against targeted countries in the region and beyond, read: Bombshell Interview with Former Al Qaeda Top Commander to Impeach Obama.

Donald J. Trump, the self-hating son of an immigrant from Germany has failed all his promises to fight ISIS and instead has instructed his regime to embolden the terrorist organization and attacked the only active forces fighting ISIS on a number of occasions already. His forces have invaded Syrian territories to establish what they think would be a buffer zone to isolate Syria and divide it into smaller sectarian enclaves fighting each other to the benefit of Israel, the last apartheid regime in the whole world.

The Syrian Arab Army might be the only army in the whole world whose top commanders are always on the front lines and have lost a number of them throughout this war on terror to prove their bravery.

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