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Russia: Two Rocket Launches in the Mediterranean Sea

Russia: Two rocket launches in the Mediterranean Sea

Again at the Gulf of Tonkin.

The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation has recently (about 8.15 clock EST) announced that it has registered two rocket launches towards the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

The message went through the news agencies of Russia with the reference to the Russian Ministry of Defence, so that a hoax (canard) is almost impossible.

Unidentified missiles in a conflict certainly look more threatening than the completely stupid provocation with chemical weapons on the ground of the facts, because the “Syrian rebels” do not understand it yet to fire ballistic missiles from under water or to just fire the missiles from the water surface.

The flight time of the slowest missiles from the area from which today’s ballistic objects were fired towards the Syrian capital Damascus is at best a quarter to half an hour.

Since the message was published today morning, one can initially assume that it is certainly not the long-yearned-for attack on Syria by the aggressors.

It is either about a mistake or… someone is testing the air defence of the Syrians and attempts to determine the appropriate positions and reaction times.

Anyway, somebody seems to be eager to force Mr Obama a little towards his luck and to present him with a fait accompli in this way. That there is such a rabble in the conflict zone is very dangerous – who knows what kind of goal they will choose the next time.

Russia: Two rocket launches in the Mediterranean Sea
Russia: Two rocket launches in the Mediterranean Sea

Perhaps a Russian warship or an American warship? It initially also looked somehow harmless in the Gulf of Tonkin.

PS: It seems that Israel has now said that it has fired those two missiles from a submarine in order to actually irritate the Syrian Air Defence.

However, this is not an area-covering campaign with only two targets. In terms of two rockets, only about 4-6 positions will get active – one is able to locate some radar positions by this action but nothing more. Actually, Peanuts.


Source: apxwn

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    • Arklight

      My guess? somebody conned Israel into the ‘test’. Reportedly, Israel has already lost one submarine to show off stunts (I don’t know for certain, though), so maybe another one will be sunk. Since Israel sank USS Liberty I’ve had little sympathy for Israel, although I was a pretty big fan before that. It’s nice to know that SAA is still moving forward against the jihadi rats. Get some!


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