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real news from syria turkish phone survey 65 of syrians consider the turkish attitude towards syria as hostile

Turkish Telephone Survey: Behaviour Towards Syria is Hostile
Turkish phone survey: 65% of Syrians consider the Turkish attitude towards Syria as “hostile”.
As the Turkish pro-government newspaper “Today’s Zaman” has reported today, that 65% of the polled Syrians in a telephone survey from August 2012 consider the Turkish attitude against Syria as “hostile”. In 2011, however, these were only 16%.
The survey was conducted by TESEV in cooperation with the German SPD-affiliated Friedrich Ebert Foundation, and thus, this survey was not conducted by the camp of political opponents of the Turkish government.
This is clearly a broad hint, what the Syrian population thinks about it, that the Turkish government sends murderous gangs and weapons to Syria in order to overthrow the Syrian government under the term “revolution” by force.

Other findings of the survey-based study that has the name “Perception of Turkey in the Middle East, 2012″ can be found in English issue of the Turkish daily Hürriyet.Some 28 percent of the participants think Turkey is running a policy based on sectarianism. The number increases to 62 percent in Iraq, 55 percent in Iran, 53 percent in Syria and 37 percent in Saudi Arabia.
Only 28 percent of the participants think Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad will be toppled, and 32 percent expect stability in the future of Syria.
The essential results of this survey are available as a PDF presentation in Turkish language on the website of TESEV (by using the Google translator it should be easy for everybody to figure out the essential results of this survey).
This survey is not the first poll that delivers as the result a predominantly rejection of the Zionist-Wahhabi NATO-GCC project of this regime change in Syria by the Syrian population.
In December 2011, according to a Qatari survey, the proportion of the Syrians who want Bashar al-Assad to remain in office was at 55 (percent).
So if the Turkish government claims that its Syria policy would be consistent with the wishes of the Syrian people, then it is lying; and it knows it exactly, or should know it, at least, that it is lying.

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