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Syrian Official Vows Tough Confrontation against Terrorists

Syrian Official Vows Tough Confrontation against Terrorists
TEHRAN (FNA)- Terrorists in Syria are seeking to weaken the front of resistance against the US and Israel, but the Damascus government and army are standing firm against them, Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Meqdad said.
“Terrorists want to weaken the Syrian Army so as to make it an easy target for Israel. Their goal is weakening the (anti-Israel) resistance but we are standing against them. We stand firmly and do not allow them to attain their goals,” Meqdad said in a meeting with Fars News Agency Managing-Director Seyed Nezamoddin Moussavi.

“We give our words to the people that we will defend our homeland to the last drop of our blood, but it is not clear when the crisis ends,” Meqdad said.

Also, during the meeting, Moussavi said western and Arab states have waged a media war on Syria and are lying about the country, adding that FNA feels duty-bound to inform the world of the realities on the ground in the Muslim country.

The FNA managing director said Fars News Agency is trying to reflect the realities on the ground in Syria and disclose the untruthful reports released by the media of the West and reactionary Arab states about Syria.

“The main offensive launched against Syria is a media war. The reports released by the Al Jazeera, Al Arabiya, CNN and BBC against Syria are based on lies and the way to fight it back is certainly (the use of) the media,” Moussavi said, adding that FNA is prepared to help Damascus to confront the current media war on Syria.

Moussavi visited Damascus this week to inaugurate FNA bureau in Damascus.

He also met with high-ranking Syrian officials, including the country’s parliament speaker and information minister, during his stay in the Syrian capital.

On Friday, the FNA managing-director signed a memorandum of understanding with head of the Syrian news agency (SANA) on mutual cooperation.

On Wednesday, Moussavi discussed the current developments in Syria in a meeting with Iran’s Envoy to Syria Mohammad Reza Sheibani in Damascus.


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