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Six Martyred Others Injured in Terrorists’ Mortar Shell Attack on Jaramana

Six Martyred, Others Injured in Terrorists’ Mortar Shell Attack On Jaramana…Armed Forces Continue Crackdown on Terrorist Groups

Nov 17, 2012

PROVINCES, (SANA) – Terrorists targeted with Mortar shells residential buildings in Jaramana in Damascus Countryside on Saturday, causing the martyrdom of six citizens and the injury of others.
“The terrorist attack claimed the lives of six citizens and caused the injury of several passers”, a source at the Interior Ministry told SANA.
SANA reporter said that a Mortar shell hit the crowded al-Basel Street, causing heavy human and material damage.


A source at Jaramana Hospital said that the bodies of six martyrs entered the hospital and 12 injured citizen were hospitalized, adding that some of them were transferred to Damascus Hospital.
A source at Damascus Hospital said that 9 wounded persons, the majority of them suffered severe injuries, were hospitalized, adding that the hospital provided all needed first aid to all of them.
Terrorists Detonate Explosive Device in al-Mazzeh, Damascus, Causing Material Damages
An explosive device planted by terrorists under a car in al-Mazzeh in Damascus exploded around midnight, causing only material damages.
Terrorists Fire Mortar Round at Agriculture Ministry Garage Near Bab Sharqi in Damascus, Causing Severe Material Damages
Terrorists fired a mortar round at a garage belonging to the Agriculture Ministry near Bab Sharqi in Damascus, causing material damage without causing injuries or deaths.


A source at the Interior Ministry said that the mortar round fell in the garage, hitting a gas tanker which caused a fire that severely damaged parked cars but didn’t cause injuries or deaths.
Terrorists Suffer Heavy Losses in Hujjira, Damascus Countryside
A unit of our Armed Forces clashed with a terrorist group in the town of Hujjira in Damascus countryside, eliminating all its members, some of them of non-Syrian nationalities.
An official source told SANA that the clash with the terrorists in Fayez Mansour street resulted in killing and injuring of a number of very dangerous terrorists, including Mohammad Mustafa and Ziyad Mashtuli from the so-called “Ahrar al-Golan” brigade, in addition to a Libyan terrorist known as Abu Hamza.
A car bomb rigged for explosion by terrorists was destroyed before it could be transported to its intended target, in addition to destroying three vehicles fitted with medium and heavy machineguns.
In Zamalka, an Armed Forces unit clashed with a terrorist group and eliminated a number of its members. The clash resulted in the destruction of a taxi used by the terrorists for transporting weapons and munitions.
Armed Forces Continue Operations in Homs Province
Units of the Armed Forces on Saturday continued carrying out their national mission of pursuing and killing the terrorists in the areas of al-Warsheh, Wadi al-Sayeh, al-Houleh and al-Qseir countryside in Homs province.
The army units targeted dens used by the terrorists as centers to plan and carry out their aggression and crimes against the citizens, in addition to destroying a number of their vehicles.
A source in the province told SANA reporter that an army unit conducted a special operation against terrorists’ gatherings in Kfarlaha and Burj Qaei villages in al-Houleh. A number of terrorists were killed in the operation.
The source added that other units of the Armed Forces targeted terrorists’ dens in al-Shoumariyeh, Abel, al-Haidariyeh and al-Buwaideh al-Sharqiyeh, killing all the terrorists inside and destroying their weapons, ammunition and cars.
Army forces also clashed with armed terrorist groups in the neighborhoods of al-Warsheh and Wadi al-Sayeh in the city of Homs and inflicted heavy losses upon their members.
A source in the province told SANA reporter that scores of terrorists were killed during the clash, adding that among them were Saudi terrorists Mohammad Khaled al-Ruli, Abdul-Bari Ajman, Hamad Yousef al-Abboud and Khaled al-Bakar.
The source added that terrorists of non-Syrian nationality were also killed in the operation, among them were terrorists Awad Saleh al- Senussi and Farhan Mohammad al- Senussi of the Libyan nationality, terrorist Abdul-Qader Kashkool of the Algerian nationality, terrorist Saleh Abdul-Hai of the Chadian nationality, terrorist Abdullah Makki of the Jordanian nationality, terrorists Malek al-Naqqash, Waleed al-Bar Hassan and Jadallah Mohammad of the Tunisian nationality and terrorists Mohammad Najeeb al-Siba’i and Adeeb Mohammad Arour. 
The Armed Forces also destroyed gatherings of terrorists in al-Rastan and al-Houleh in Homs countryside.
A source at the province said that an Armed Forces unit eliminated terrorist Hammoud al-Alian, the leader of one terrorist group, along with all members of his group in an operation in al-Nasiriye farms in Taldo, in addition to destroying a truck they had been using for transporting weapons and munitions.
The source added that among the dead terrorists was Hussam al-Hasan, Majed al-Abd and Safwan Bakkour.
The source said that an Armed Forces unit eliminated a terrorist group in the village of al-Samalil in al-Houleh, while another unit eliminated terrorists who were terrorizing locals in al-Thawra street in al-Rastan.
Terrorists and Snipers Killed in Idleb, including One of Saudi Nationality
The Armed Forces last night clashed with a terrorist group that had been attacking citizens and sabotaging public and private properties in Muhambel village in the countryside of Idleb.
SANA reporter cited a source in the province as saying that the clashes resulted in eliminating the group’s members including three snipers. Terrorist Fahd al-Zubian of Saudi nationality was identified among the dead.
An Armed Forces unit attacked a terrorist gathering near the city of Idleb, eliminating 25 terrorists including Walid Zeidan, Mohammad Barakat, and Yasser Mustafa Sweid.
Another unit targeted gatherings of terrorists in the town of Harem, eliminating a large number of them and injuring others.
While targeting a terrorist command center in Maaret al-Naasan, an Armed Forces unit eliminated 11 terrorists and injured many others. The terrorists killed include Mohammad Ahmad al-Mutlaq, a terrorist group leader.
Engineering units dismantled five explosive devices, two of them rigged for remote detonation, which terrorists had planted on the road between Idleb and al-Mastumeh.
An explosive device went off in al-Siyaha roundabout in Idleb city, injuring three citizens and causing material damages.
Army Clashes with Terrorist Groups in Deir Ezzor
A unit of the Armed Forces on Saturday clashed with terrorists in al-Jbeileh neighborhood in Deir Ezzor, killing and injuring scores of them.
Terrorists Ayman Obeid al-Nasser and Abdul-Salam al-Deraawi were identified among the dead.
Meanwhile, another army unit confronted an armed terrorist group south of al-Maqaber area in Deir Ezzor, killing and injuring its members.
Armed Forces Eliminate Terrorists and Destroy their Vehicles in Aleppo
A unit of the Armed Forces clashed with an armed terrorist group in Aghiour area in Aleppo city and inflicted heavy losses on the group.
A source in the province told SANA reporter that the clashes resulted in eliminating a number of terrorists and wounding others.
The source added that another unit of the Armed Forces destroyed a DShK-equipped vehicle and two cars loaded with weapons and munitions in Bani Zaid area and killed tens of terrorists in Hanano area.
An Armed Forces unit carried out an operation against gatherings of terrorists in Turkawi roundabout in Bani Zeid, the cemetery, al-Na’na’a Mosque, Suheib Mosque and Dahret Abdrabbo in al-Layramoun, destroying six cars used by terrorists for transporting weapons and munitions and killing and injuring a number of terrorists.
Other units eliminated terrorist groups which have been terrorizing locals in Tal al-Zarazir and Jebrin station in Aleppo city.
32 year-old citizen Mohammad Issa al-Jassem was martyred after being abducted and tortured by terrorists for participating in a protest in al-Marjeh neighborhood that demanded that terrorists leave the neighborhood.
SANA’s correspondent said that terrorists attacked the protestors and opened fire randomly on them, injuring some of the protestors.
Security Forces Release Kidnapped Citizen in al-Hamadaniyeh, Aleppo
In al-Hamdaniyeh area, the Internal Security Forces released citizen Ammar Einjrini who had been kidnapped from his house by terrorists. 
SANA repoter said signs of torture and beating were clear on various parts of Einjrini’s body.
Citizens Injured in Terrorists’ Gunfire on a Rally in Aleppo
Terrorists opened fire on a rally demanding that terrorist groups go out of al-Maysar neighborhood in Aleppo city.The shooting resulted in the injury of a number of citizens participating in the rally.
Armed Forces Continue Operations against Terrorist Hideouts and Gatherings in Aleppo Countryside
The Armed Forces targeted a gathering of terrorists in Khan Touman in Aleppo countryside and a terrorist hideout in Handarat near Amrit company, killing and injuring tens of terrorists.
In Daret Azza, an Armed Forces unit targeted two bases used by leaders of terrorist groups, destroying them completely, while another unit targeted a gathering of terrorists on al-Maslamiye road, killing and injuring them.
In al-Kendi area, an Armed Forces unit destroyed four cars transporting weapons, munitions and terrorists, in addition to destroying a terrorist base and five cars loaded with weapons in Kafer Amma.
Authorities Seize Various Weapons and Munitions in Lattakia
The authorities in Lattakia Province stormed an armed terrorist group’s hideout in March 8 St. in Lattakia city and seized a field hospital and various weapons and munitions.
A source in the province told SANA reporter that the seized weapons included guns and various munitions, in addition to a large amount of knives and daggers.
Authorities Retrieve 2 Lorries Loaded with Flour Form Terrorists in Hama
The authorities retrieved 2 lorries loaded with flour on al-Salamyeh-Raqqa road in Hama.
A source in the province told SANA reporter that an armed terrorist group burglarized the trucks earlier while en route to Aqerbat area.
The source said that the lorries were loaded with 64 tons of flour, adding that the authorities pursued the terrorists and managed to injure two of them as the others fled away, adding that the authorities retrieved the whole load.

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