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Syria: Breaking News Update November 20, 2012

Damascus: the toll of firing the shell is one civil martyr and 4 other injuries

November 20, 2012   12:11 PM

Damascus: The shell caused one civil injury and material damages

November 20, 2012   11:53 AM

Damascus: a mortar shell has been fired near Dedeman Hotel

November 20, 2012   11:39 AM

Palestine: The manager of al-Quds educational radio has martyred in Deir al-Balah

November 20, 2012   11:17 AM

Palestine: 1200 papers were given to the Israeli government to pay for the damaged houses

November 20, 2012   10:53 AM

Damascus Countryside: Insurgents, including leaders, have been killed in Zamalka

November 20, 2012   10:42 AM

Hamas: the truce will be announced at 9 o’clock of Cairo timing and will start at midnight

November 20, 2012   10:32 AM

Palestine: two journalists of al-Aqsa channel have been killed in targeting their cars in al-Naser neighborhood

November 20, 2012   10:24 AM

Gaza: Israeli airstrikes initiate on al-Aqsa channel, what resulted in martyrs of journalists

November 20, 2012   10:19 AM

Hamas: The truce in Gaza will start at midnight

November 20, 2012   10:16 AM

Palestine: a rocket has been fired on Asqalan, what resulted in 3 injuries, one of them is critical

November 20, 2012   10:03 AM

The security council foils the ceasefire decree in Gaza because of the rejection of Washington

November 20, 2012   9:48 AM

Edlib: 25 militants, including Tareq Muhammad, have been killed during armed conflicts with Syrian Army in Ma’aret al-Nu’man

November 20, 2012   8:11 AM

Deir Ezzor: 8 gunmen have been killed during armed confrontations in Cinema Fouad Street

November 20, 2012   8:10 AM

Israel relaunches its airstrikes on Gaza during the Presence of the delegation of Arab Ministers in the strip

November 20, 2012   8:00 AM

Homs Countryside: dozens of militants have been killed in targeting their positions in Qusair countryside

November 20, 2012   7:45 AM

Our correspondent in Homs: a shell was fired on Kafar Abed, what resulted in the death of a civilian and the injury of his child

November 20, 2012   4:15 AM

Our reporter in Deir Ezzor: 5 insurgents get killed, 11 get injured in clashes with Syrian Army in al-Sheikh Yassin

November 20, 2012   3:32 AM

Our correspondent in Homs: a booby-trapped oil tank explodes in Mahin, what resulted in 7 martyrs and other injuries of Syrian soldiers

November 20, 2012   2:59 AM

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