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Breaking News Update: November 19, 2012


Damascus: detonating an explosive device in the mini-bus on Kudsaia road resulted in 3 martyrs and 11 injuries

November 19, 2012   10:20 AM

Military source to Breaking News Network: the news about firing down a copter above Ma’aret al-Nu’man city are wrong

November 19, 2012   9:59 AM

Damascus: An explosive charge blasts in a mini-bus on the road of Masaken al-Haras of Kudsaia

November 19, 2012   9:53 AM

Our correspondent: The Syrian Army enters the southern neighborhood of Ma’aret al-Nu’man city

November 19, 2012   8:47 AM

Aleppo: dozens of insurgents, including their leader Abu Hamza, have been killed near al-Kendi hospital

November 19, 2012   7:08 AM

Our correspondent: The four shells did not result in any injuries

November 19, 2012   5:42 AM

Our correspondent: Two news shells were fired on the Cultural Center and al-Farabi Street of Mezza

November 19, 2012   5:39 AM

Damascus Countryside: The mayor of al-Nabek area, Abdullah al-Dar’awi, has been killed by armed men

November 19, 2012   4:57 AM

Damascus: Two mortar shells were fired on al-Jalaa Park and the Sudani embassy in Mezza

November 19, 2012   4:55 AM

A Source in the Turkish foreign ministry: Oghlo will visit Gaza on Tuesday

November 19, 2012   4:43 AM

The source: the militants published these rumors after killing their leaders

November 19, 2012   4:26 AM

Military source denies the news about the insurgents, moving forward in Deir Ezzor

November 19, 2012   4:23 AM

Our correspondent in Hasaka: An explosive charge blasted yesterday in the main street, what resulted in the death of a child

November 19, 2012   3:58 AM

Our correspondent: The killed insurgents included the Saudi Muhammad al-Faydeh and the Egyptian Qasem Abed al-Haqq

November 19, 2012   2:39 AM

Our correspondent in Homs: Saudi and Egyptian militants have been killed in clashes in Bab al-Turkman

November 19, 2012   2:34 AM

Our correspondent: Syrian Army kills insurgents, including their leader Mahmoud Tlas, in their den

November 19, 2012   1:07 AM

Our correspondent in Deir Ezzor: Syrian Army wrecks the HQ of military council of the insurgents in al-Rashidia

November 19, 2012   1:07 AM

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