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real news from syria 22 kuwaiti terrorists killed in syria names revealed by a newspaper

21 Kuwaiti terrorists were sent to to hell to mate with their 72 male virgins by the Syrian Arab Army in Syria, a newspaper reveals with the list of their names.
Al Qaeda Levant aka FSA in Syria informed the terrorists families whom in turn held low profile mourning for each back in Kuwait. Another Kuwaiti terrorists Saeed Madi Gargah was killed recently and not included in the initial list making the known number of Jihadist terrorists sent to hell by the Syrian Army to 22, many others believed killed but had their bodies burnt by their fellows to hide the fact they were not Syrian thus the exact figure is unknown:
  1. Muhammad Assaf Mutairi 
  2. Khaled Thodan Mutairi
  3. Jazzaa Masoud Darwish
  4. Mitab Musab Marikhi
  5. Munawar Barghash Al Jabli
  6. Ayed Manoukh Maimouni
  7. Turki Ajlan Al Hamli
  8. Muhammad Moweis Mutairi
  9. Nasser Dali Mutairi 
  10. Abdul Karim Nashmi Aridi
  11. Ayed Rashid Marikhi
  12. Khalaf Kifayeh Sinjari
  13. Nasser Qaoud Al Aslami
  14. Harbi Khalaf Jashami
  15. Meshaal Humaidi Thafiri
  16. Faleh Hour Al Jasimi
  17. Thwuair Rikan Al Dhafiri
  18. Hani Sayed Birazi
  19. Turki Ghazai Al Anzi
  20. Mamdouh Ghasham Al Jabli
  21. Ayed Ghasham Al Jabli
further info:

– The above information were posted by real Syrian activists from Syria and around the world, not by western intelligent post office dubbed activists.
– Each piece of news is the responsibility of the person posting it.
– Analysis & articles are the opinions of the persons posting it.

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