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racial attacks israhell


More racial attacks have been carried recently by the isrealian forces against christian and Muslim religious places.
A week or so they tried to enter al Aqsa mosque but have only been able to destroy some windows arrest some and gas tear everyone too, however just a day or two ago they have succeed in destroying a mosque among several Palestinian structures Tuesday in a West Bank village for having been built without permits.
They also destroyed a church and vandalized many….

On the other hand an isrealian man have threatened and black mailed the Roman Catholic bishop of Nazareth and demanded that Catholics leave the country or face God’s wrath.
I bet he meant the god of zoin.
Tabgha church, on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, was also vandalized by the Israelis

An isreali soldier and the bulldozer
An isreali soldier and the bulldozer

They have destroyed and attacked and killed not only Muslims but Christians too. They are trying to destroy the rich heritage of palastine and al Quds for what it has a great importance to Christians and Muslims.Important churches like Al Qeyama church (the judgment day church ) and the Dome of the rock and the Al Quds mosque where Muslims think that Prophet Mohammad have flew into the sky through.

he dome of the rock and a chritian church T
he dome of the rock and a chritian church T

We should not say that isreal presents Jews since Jews them selves are against Isreal.
Though in the Torah it is mentioned that one day a country for jews will be created but i don’t think the Torah meant a country full of racists and anti Others …..
In Islam isreal is the other name of prophet Jacob, however the problem of Muslims is not with Jews but rather with Zionists calling them selves jews and with every Zionists agent Muslim he is or christian or Jewish or atheist etc…


We have for example Jews living in Iran a Muslim country and Jews have churches there. Jews live in Egypt .Jews live in …..





Religions’ job to is create unity not diversity so don’t let those extremists destroy this fact.

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