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50 anti-war campaigner gathered on 23 January 2003 in London and travelled in a convoy of buses to Baghdad to stand there as human shields against the American invasion.

Human Shields-Campaign to protect Syria against a baseless war of aggression.

Many people around the world are asking themselves what they could do to stop the madness of a war of aggression against Syria.

I receive continuously emails with this question, too. Activists have now found an answer, namely to go to Syria as human shields and to stand there as potential targets of American bombs and missiles. Thus, they hope to prevent the attack.

The “Human Shield Movement” initially received the worldwide attention in 2003 when several hundred Western activists consisting of all ages, professions and nationalities went to Iraq in order to try to prevent the bombardment and the invasion by U.S. forces and to stand in their way.

Maybe it is today possible with an emphatic warning to the White House and the listing where the people will stand as shields, with a willingness to risk their lives, to prevent the illegal military attack on Syria.

The reports from Damascus show that the government assures to the Syrian population that Syria is prepared for an attack by the Americans and the public services will continue to function. The TV stations show images of the heroic Syrian army around the clock as they are preparing the protection and defence for the Syrian nation.

There are numerous people, especially young students and workers, who gather in front of possible targets and offer themselves as human shields, in a solidarity with their compatriots while they challenge US President Obama to bomb their beloved country.

50 anti-war campaigner gathered on 23 January 2003 in London and travelled in a convoy of buses to Baghdad to stand there as human shields against the American invasion.
50 anti-war campaigner gathered on 23 January 2003 in London and travelled in a convoy of buses to Baghdad to stand there as human shields against the American invasion.

It could be that an international “human shield movement” is formed, which will motivate thousands of Americans and many other people from other countries to get to Syria in the next ten days in order to also provide themselves as the attack targets.

The organizers gave the following information about this:

International Human Shields (HS) are planning on coming to Syria in solidarity with the Syrian people and in an effort to send a global message and hopefully deter an American attack next week…

Timing – While moves can be made fast and with all other key elements in place, time is not in our favour.  Ten mores days for preparation would be ideal. The HS initiative assumes that it must be done in such a way that very little time lapse from the official announcement of the action to the actual arrival of the Human Shields on the ground in Syria…

Impact – In order to achieve a significant impact having at least 1000 Americans and several thousand international Human Shields deployed in Syria is the objective. With ideally at least one representative from every UN Member State, as evidence of the true ‘international community’ opposing the American attack.

The US activist-based steering committee is quickly bringing together professionals in IT, marketing, logistical planning and implementation, spokesperson(s), public relations, accounting, documentarians, and experienced project managers. Ferries from European ports are to be arranged to carry significant numbers of Human Shields from Major European cities. Ideally, several jumbo jets will be chartered to carry human shields from some of the world’s major cities and use of land convoys are under consideration.

HS/Government Relations – The first objective of the enemies of Syria will be to portray Human Shields as nothing more than pawns of President Bashar al-Assad. This was precisely what the mainstream media did in 2003, presenting Human Shields as pawns of Saddam.

In order for the Human Shields to have power they must be seen as independent supporters of the people of Syria who represent the will of the vast majority of people around the world who oppose the pending US-led western attack.

The HS should however work with prominent leaders in the civilian sector of Syrian society and great effort should be made to produce daily news stories of the Human Shields and Syrian people working together to protect Syria from the ongoing foreign instigated aggression. There are once again many details here and these would need to be discussed and agreed if any action will be able to reach its full potential.

So it is absolutely vital that all power plants, water treatment facilities, bomb shelters (if they exist), civilian communications sites, food storage sites and other such sites that are critical to the civilian population are the primary if not sole focus of sites for the HS to deploy. They cannot deploy to military sites, although I personally feel this is morally defensible, it will neutralize the power of the HS in the public relations realm and intelligent public relations is absolutely critical.

A comprehensive list of protected sites is to be produced immediately and these sites will need to be verified by the most independent sources we can manage to obtain. UN representatives or former representatives would be great, human rights attorneys, legal experts and others of this type are very useful.

There will be room to deploy to sites not specifically listed in the Fourth Geneva Convention, such as with ethnic and religious minority communities who are deathly afraid of the foreign invaders/terrorist. Special emphasis should be placed on Christian populations as the western audience sadly has more sympathy for Christians than Muslims.

Our goal is to personalize the people of Syria and show their suffering through the eyes of the HS with effective daily reports to be uploaded on the Internet and reported by legitimate news agencies such as Press TV, RT and Telesur. A massive effort must be made to educate the public about the reasons for the Fourth Geneva Convention (FGC) and the imperial powers undeniable record of knowingly destroying the lives of ‘protected persons’ as defined in the FGC. There must be high quality, well-spoken Arabic/English speaking spokespersons.

We should be ready to provide evidence of any attack on such sites the moment it happens and have legal briefs prepared to immediately charge the aggressors with war crimes. This is why it is critical that the HS are almost exclusively at sites that are protected by the FGC.”

The Action Plan concludes: “We cannot necessarily stop them from doing what they intend to do, but we can make their aggression harm them far more than Syria and its people in the end. Herein lays the power, using the enemies’ momentum against him in the most powerful way possible.

Time will tell which Americans will arrive first in Syria, the military or the American public. Many Syrians are today praying it will be the latter and have pledged to join them to defeat the coming aggression.

Source: allesschallundrauch

Syrian Civilians form Human shield against US-led attack

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  1. martin liebig

    I wish those “activists” would do so mauch theatre for the victimes of the regime… What about human shields before next gas attack from the Assad’s regime? This is not a war against Syria; it’s a war againt a regime has collected within 40 years many criminal records… and which will never give up many supporters join those idiotic pseudo-heroic activities…

      • martin liebig

        The cause of Syrian mess is the Syrian regime which has effectuated a policy of oppression and political assasination for 40 years in the style of Cold War Era uncapable of any democratic changes; there is no place for dictators anymore in 21 st century… Of course now there any involvments in Syria now but may be if Syrian people have had more freedom of expression the escalation of viioence would have never reached that point. Torture used to be an is a very common instrumnt of treating political issues… I saw this in 2005 in Syria. I am not surpised by “mess” and hate I see today – on both sides! Finally all that “mess” go to the account of Assad’s cllan. Anyhow Assad must be very happy seeing these humanu shelds activities…

      • martin liebig

        Why did go peopel into the streets in Dara? You are looking for very sophistaced answers. Don’t you? Why did go people into the streets in Tunisia and Egypt? Why did go people into the streets in Danzig in Poland, Leipzig and Berlin? I simply think they all wanted to breath in a free way…

  2. martin liebig

    that’s exactly how I feel about… If you can’t aceet my cimments it means the website is a propaganda page of Assad’s regime

  3. Arklight

    It’s wonderful to see young people who are willing to risk their lives for principle, with even ‘principle’ being a concept foreign to most politicians, let alone risk of actual physical injury or death. Young folks, bless you.

  4. kingsley smith

    I have and continue to be in awe and have great respect for the Syrian Army. As an American(former USARMY) it has been painful to watch these neo-colonial powers destroy a great nation.I speak for many about the bravery of the Syrian Army and hope someone out there can pass along to military people there. I always remember the brave Serbs who stood against NATO tyranny in 1999 with target signs.There is hope for this world yet.THANK YOU SYRIA!

  5. rie

    February 15 – Iraq war demonstration of rejection is carried out worldwide this day in particular.

    Water treatment plant, Al Daura water treatment plant, Tejio food silo, Al Daura refinery and volunteers deployed to Al Mamun telecommunications facility in the end – the 7th April.

    April 7 – U.S. military announced that occupied one of the palaces of Baghdad.

    Role of “human shields” volunteer April 7 U.S. spies? .

    America has deployed operatives of two million people on Facebook around the world.
    They are manipulating the Internet.

    • Arklight

      Yeah, rie, the US government has its weasels all over the place. Even eavesdropping in coffee shops right here at home. disgusting.

  6. rie

    Weasel of Japan makes the cause of the chaos bulletin board.
    Egypt Muslim Brotherhood assiduously forged in Japan tv.
    Face of the TV talent is ugly.

  7. AH

    This webpage, I guess, is open to all kinds of usefull and even useless comments. But it’s intend is certainly neither propaganda nor making Assad a hero without mistakes. I, for instance, have criticized the ruling government as much as I have given it credit for their stance against radical islamism and more.
    Syrias leading govt has certainly done things wrong in the past, things that Bashar Assad had a hard time to correct. But he was on the right path. I have worked in Syria during both, Hafez and Bashar Assad – I know what I am talking about.
    Research on the internet is difficult if you have never set foot on Syrian ground, other than a holiday, perhaps (have you?). The western media is 90% brainwash and hearsay when it comes to Syria. Stuff on this site is also not free from the occasional hearsay or blind accusations, but – I gives readers a different insight into a conflict that has been planned on strategist’s board. Do you actually know why people initially went onto the streets in Derra? The corrupt governor? The immediate replacement of him by Assad? The infiltrated first shooters from across the border in Jordan? The revenge the MB has promised Bashar long ago for his fathers breakup of an islamic revolution in Hama in 82?
    I, and I am sure all others too, invite you to discuss here in an open manner but please, try to educate yourself a little more on Syria before you call this site propaganda. Oh, and, NO, I am neither the publisher of this site, nor an admin. Just someone who is sad of what is going on in Syria….

    • martin liebig

      Come on, please don’t tell me Syria was with Assad and his father on the right path – if this is your “insider” knowlege you gained during your stays in Syria I dear to say that you were blind during yours stays there. Or may be a good salary you got there let you forget about humman suffering inside Syria… How right they were on their path we can observe today and we saw in the past: from Hama through Lebanon war till Hararri assasination and the assasination organized this year in Lebanon… Assad has overlived himself with his restrected policy. In every regim you can find something positive: Bin Ali, Mubarek, Gadhafi (even in Nazi regime you could find positive aspects) but they all remain dicators for me and they must go…

      • martin liebig

        I have written your pro-Assad statments very carefully and won’t gain me for this psychopathe repesenting one of the most oppressive regims. He with all other ideologies of 20 th century ending with ‘isme’ belong to the garbage…

        Concerning you/my remark on Nazis and German nation you have to explain better what you mean.

        • Arklight

          Martin, I’ve no idea of your education, upbringing nor religious affiliation. I do not want to know, that’s your business. Most comments in this forum are not, in fact, pro-Assad, rather anti-jihadi. I will say, however, that if President Assad was so horrible, why did no one object to his administration until Syria began selling oil to Russian priced in rubles, instead of dollars? A bloodthirsty despot cannot bring forth a stable, secular and prosperous nation in which the people interact without the hatred and friction so evident in other countries. While it is true that he would not tolerate Muslim Brotherhood or bloodthirsty thugs who claimed some sort of fake mandate from God, as issued through a wild eyed preacher with a towel on his head. Other faiths and denominations have had loonies in the pulpit, to, and those have swindled well meaning men and women of faith into hideous atrocities and abominations, including de jure genocide. You can go on YouTube and search ‘Nazis’ and bring up a truckload of documentaries and historical accounts beginning from the time Adolf Hitler was a child clear through the Third Reich until the structure was destroyed. The structure, but the mindset, methods and ideology survived, through export. If you research Operation Paperclip, you’ll see what I mean. The Germans repudiated Nazism together with its atrocities and genocide, and three generation later they still carry the can for it, which is not fair at all. Quite a number of the worst of the Nazis were imported to the US and set up CIA, among other ‘services’, and provided models for more which have only recently emerged as realities in the 21st Century. You can research all this for yourself. Today’s German hates the Nazis, and are terrified that the same functional structures will return to crush them, as well, and do all they can to root out even the scent of modern Nazis. It’s small wonder that AH took you to task for the remark, and I must say I admire his restraint.

          If you take the time to do your research, you’ll find that President Assad, President Mubarak and Colonel Gaddafi would not tolerate the inexcusable divisiveness, hatred and thugery in which the so-called radical islamists and jihadis are so thoroughly steeped, and then vented upon every other person anywhere. Now. I’ve known Muslims at different times throughout my life, and every one was a responsible, productive person of good will, highly respected and much valued in his or her community. The ones with which I am still acquainted despise the jihadi and radical groups, and say that these are aberrations, apostate and anathema. I think that the great number of videos showing jihadi atrocities do much to prove the point, There are also any number of videos in which Syrian citizens mob the SAA, NDF and local defense forces who drive out the phony rebels; these citizens are obviously a ‘mixed bag’ of assorted Muslims along with Christians – – this is a phenomenon which would not be possible if President Assad were the monster depicted by western press.

          Now. You do your research and, if you can maintain a civil keyboard, come back and see us again.

          • martin liebig

            Firstable, please don’t put any words into my mouth which I haven’t used! Monster, bloodthirsty etc. We all know that the “evil” in the world has always had a very mediocre face.
            Hitler’s bodyguard described his ‘boss’ as a whole ‘normal’ man, he actually had to be very very Average. If he was exceptional, he never would have committed all the crimes … but at the time of the Nazi regime, people cheered evill wihich brought one of the biggest (perhaps the biggest) disasters in the history of mankind and which consequences are still lasting on the world today. This is just to explain my position on Nazi Deutschland.
            As for the Assad government, I see them as inflexible regime of oppression is now reaping the fruits of his policy: It is always very tempting to make others accountable for our mistakes, blaming the Islamists making the shift towards aggressors Invadors and other conspiracy theories. I mean simple, it’s simply impossible to torture people in the 21st century (indipendently on whom is doing it!): Assad and his clique is simply a Regim that can no longer dissolve the dynamics of its own FORM. I mean, can’t he simply cede? With all the billions that he has “saved” in the so called meantime? The Assad family came to power with a “coup d’etat”and it looks as if it would have to be torn out of power with a coup … Assad’s time is over … Or is Assad afraid, he could be procecuted for the crimes he committed???
            I can not look at those atrocities’ viedos. I don’t know who posted them, who made them for which aim etc. On the one hand they document something on the other and they manipulate something… Please tell Assad to go, Syria has to make a step towards whatever may comes afterwards…

            By the way I don’t understand why peole do have to see themself as Muslims, Christians etc. I have always tried to be only myself in my life and speak on behalf of myself …

  8. AH

    Martin, I do not want to use this as an excuse to not further reply to your statements but firstly you should have read what I have written, and secondly your remark on the Nazis is an insult and disgrace to German people.


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