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President Assad to the Families of Martyred Pupils: The Battle in Syria is a Battle of Will and Steadfastness

DAMASCUS, (SANA)-On the occasion of the Teacher’s Day, President Bashar al-Assad on Wednesday surprised the families of pupils who were martyred of terrorist acts during an honoring celebration by the Education Ministry held at the Education Center for Plastic Arts at al-Tijara neighborhood in Damascus.

President al-Assad affirmed to the families that though today is for the teacher, not the students, but the teacher and student are part of science, so the occasion is one and it is for learning, adding “I wished to contact with you in order to get power from you in spite of the feeling of pain as a result of losing your children.”

“Today Syria as a whole is wounded.. there is no one that didn’t lose one of his/her relatives, a brother, father or a mother.. but all of this wouldn’t equal the loss of son, nevertheless, what happens to us couldn’t make us weak and the battle is a battle of will and steadfastness, and in as much as we remain strong, we could protect the others of the Homeland’s sons,” President al-Assad said.

Prior to the visit conclusion, the President listened to the families’ requests and their suffering from losing their sons, instructing the Education Ministry to ease this suffering and meet the families’ demands. Later, President al-Assad and wife received the families of teachers who were martyred while giving their sacred educational duty during lessons.

“Targeting teachers by the terrorists and their martyrdom affirm that the Syrians’ main battle is against unenlightenment as they were martyred while spreading science and culture; without the efforts of teachers, we had no universities or scientists,” the President said. President al-Assad added
“Our message to Syria’s enemies will be through continuing the way of those teachers and martyrs and achieve their goal; a strong Syria in the face of ignorance.”
The President stressed that the Syrians get power, not surrender or submission, from the families of martyrs, adding that Syria is steadfast through their steadfastness as well as the steadfastness of its sons, known of their support to each other at the time of dilemma and their stand in one rank to make Syria strong and victorious.

President al-Assad and wife exchanged speech with families of the martyrs who affirmed that the loss of their sons at the hands of terrorists has increased their determination to continue their sons’ way.

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