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Pakistan landscape

Pakistan has rejected the news that pro-Taliban terrorists are already fighting alongside the Syrian Al Qaeda offshoot against the secular government of President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus, but according to recent statements of these pro-Taliban fighters, they are already in Syria – even with own tent camps.

The Foreign Ministry of Pakistan has rejected these reports about the pro-Taliban terrorists fighting in Syria and said that this terrorist group in Pakistan has not joined the foreign-backed terrorists and jihadists fighting in Syria against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the government in the capital, Damascus.

Yesterday, the spokesman of the Foreign Ministry of Pakistan, Azaz Ahmed Chaudhry, said that no militant has left the country to join the jihadists in Syria. Azaz Ahmed Chaudhry further said that “Islamabad would never like terrorist groups to travel to other countries” in order to participate in terrorist activities, but such a statement from the Foreign Ministry of Pakistan is either very sad or just funny in regards of the situation in Pakistan and other topics.

The spokesman of the Foreign Ministry of Pakistan, Azaz Ahmed Chaudhry, also said finally, that the “Pakistani officials will never allow” the terrorists in Pakistan to join terrorists in other countries and the question is, whether the militants and terrorists in Pakistan really care about the things what the officials in this country want or do not want them to do. In addition, it often seems like the situation that the Pakistani officials and authorities do not have the full control above such terrorist groups and militants in their country.

Umar Hameed, the spokesman of the Interior Ministry of Pakistan, also made some comments about the recent news that Pakistani terrorists are now fighting in Syria in the ranks of the Syrian Al Qaeda branch in order to “help their brothers” like a terrorist leader from Pakistan has underlined it some days ago – when several members of these pro-Taliban terrorist groups in Pakistan have stated that they are now also fighting in Syria against the secular government of President Bashar al-Assad.

Spokesman for Pakistan’s Interior Ministry, Umar Hameed also repudiated the reports, saying that Pakistan’s security forces are on the alert at all exit points of the country and nobody can travel abroad illegally.

Pakistan landscape

Also the Pakistani envoy in the Syrian capital Damascus, Wahid Ahmed, rejected the reports about the pro-Taliban fighters in Syria. Wahid Ahmed said that the embassy has not received any complaint in regards of the presence or activity of pro-Taliban terrorists in Syria but he probably should not expect these pro-Taliban terrorists will report their journeys from Pakistan to Syria and back to the embassy and who should make a complaint?

The Syrian people have enough to do with all the increasing problems in terms of economy and living conditions. Not to mention the threats by the Al Qaeda-linked groups and the terrorists of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA).

Some days ago, several Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) commanders made the “official statement” that their groups of terrorists have set up camps in Syria and already sent hundreds of terrorists to the Arab nation, as reported here.

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