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us taxpayers cut from their welfare healthcare and future spending to support a

US Taxpayers cut from their welfare, Healthcare and future spending to support Alqaeda in Syria. This is what was achieved by a US & stooges sponsored revolution carried out by moderate Alqaeda terrorists against the leading civilization in the whole world and throughout history. This is how the Westerners thought of rewarding the Syrians for teaching them the alphabet. This the work of billions of dollars, tens of thousands of foreign mercenary suicide bombers and Wahhabi Sex Jihadists, thousands of tons of ‘smart’ bombs, interference by a span of countries from far west to the far east, even Japan!, against a nation that never did any harm to any of those countries. This is the work of the soldiers of the anti-Christ and the way ‘forward’ to a New World Order, to abolish national and individual freedoms and join the club of one cult of servants to a few masters…

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