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The Hidden Part: Germany, Hypocrisy and the Terror against Syria


Last week, at a bilateral meeting in Yekaterinburg, Russia, the german Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, verbally clashed on Syria again.

Whilst Lavrov referred to the Russian-Syrian offer of a daily ceasefire of 3 hours and also pointed at the violation of the formerly agreed ceasefires by the terrorists, using the ceasefires only to put more rapists, cannibals and massmurders to the frontlines, whilst ongoingly terrorising the civilian population, Steinmeier did not hesitate to make an idiot of himself by claiming that Russia was responsible for the humanitarian situation in Aleppo and should pressure Assad to a new ceasefire-agreement.

Of course, the aim of the German FM was to achieve a longer ceasefire, allowing Germany to re-arm its proxies of “Jaysh al-Islam” on the ground in Aleppo. And, of course, no single word passed Steinmeier’s lips on the the terror of his thugs against the civilian population in Aleppo. Instead, he dared to speak this: “Aleppo residents are going through a real humanitarian catastrophe […] The city is constantly shelled, this cannot continue. We need to have a constant humanitarian corridor.”

NO single word on the constant shelling of women and kids by his very own “moderates” but blaming Russia and Syria for what he does. We do know this blame-game of Western politicians, don’t we?

Facts Steinmeier did not mention:

Whilst Russian and Syrian troops bring medical aid, water and food to Aleppo; Steinmeier’s al-Qaeda shell the people to death.

Whilst the Syrian Arab Army does gain more ground, the German Tornado-jets mark the civilian-only targets for the French and US-bombings schools, hospitals, residential areas, the water-supply and the power plant.

By that “constant humanitarian corridor” that “we” (i.e. NATO, Germany, al-Qaeda) would need, Steinmeier wants his al-Qaeda-terrorists to pour into Aleppo and prevent the Syrian Arab Army from liberating this Syrian city from foreign invaders.

Pure satanic hypocrisy. This is the insane Western approach to logics.

Every time you think that German official statements on Syria can’t become dumber, that little boy Franky jumps off the bushes and easily proves you wrong…

The German media, of course, picked up the ‘humanitarian’ stance of the brave little Frank-Walter, heroically poking the Russian bear. And at the daily news briefing of the German federal government, the speaker labelled the Western-fabricated massmurdering terrorists of al-Qaeda nice “moderate rebels” who would desperately seek to secure the aid-flow to the ‘besieged’ civilians.

What in reality is a clear attempt to re-establish the arms-flow to the terrorists, in German official language it is nice rebels caring for poor children shelled by ‘evil Assad and evil Putin’. Chapeau!

Although this is the typical stance of Western politicians and their propaganda-mouthpieces in corporate media: bashing Syria, bashing Russia, for their own terroristic deeds and their bloody consequences, we truth-reporters should not hesitate to again and again and again expose the satanic hypocrisy of Western propaganda-lies and the deadly consequences for the innocent victims.

Just to remind you: It was Germany which actively stepped into the Western-plotted war against the Syrian nation and the Syrian people, making Germany a main supporter of illegal terroristic proxy warfare.

With the crocodile tears of the German government-gangsters on the “humanitarian crisis” they helped to create, the very same terrorist now complain of “terrorist attacks” (all staged) in Germany and use the attacks of French, German and Belgium nationals to help murdering Syrian children in Aleppo by bombing hospitals.

And whilst all the Western world cries out for “Omran”, the very same illiterate and immoral bastards keep willingly ignorant about the tens of thousands of Syrian children that have been slaughtered by the Western-created proxies and about the tens of thouands of “Omrans” who are targets of NATO-bombs.

But all the “humanitarian” propaganda, all the artificial hysteria, is incapable to distract from the simple truth:

The truth is that it was and still Germany who is helping to destroy Syria and genocide the Syrian people for the sake of a “Greater Israel”-project as well as the gas- and oil-interests of the Zionist and Wahhabi monsters. And it does not make any difference that Germany is just one of many who are doing this, maybe following orders from Washington and Tel Aviv; this fact only proves again that the criminal gang governing Germany today has to be totally inacceptable for any sane, patriotic German.

Just to (again) enumerate some facts:

  • It was Germany that, in a blatant act of illegal interference into the internal issues of the sovereign nation Syria, in May 2011 declared its full support for “the opposition” against the legitimate Syrian government. This came at a time when Israeli, British and French special forces on the ground in Syria shot at civilians to ignite the civil war which was plotted in Tel Aviv, Washington, London, Paris and Berlin.
  • It was Germany that, orchestrated via a hysterical propaganda campaign by the federal government and the mainstream-media, blamed all the horrific bloodshed of its own proxies on the Syrian government and the Syrian army.
  • It was Germany that expelled the Syrian ambassador for the massacre of al-Houla – done by the German-supported FSA-terrorists.
  • It was Germany that made the EU impose sanctions on the Syrian government, public figures and the syrian people. These sanctions are making the Syrian people suffer and expose those ‘humanitarian knights’ like Merkel, Steinmeier, Hollande, as what they are: true cold-blooded terrorists, aiming to kill by sanctions, like they had been doing in Iraq, with the effect of half a million of Iraqi children dying from the lack of medical supply and food. Of course, this kind of sanctions do apply to the criteria of an attempted genocide.
  • It was Germany that urged the EU to unilaterally lift the crippling sanctions on Syria only for the purpose of dealing with the terrorists, labelling them “moderates” and freedom fighters”, buying the stolen Syrian oil and most precious artifacts.
  • It was Germany that gave at least (this was publically announced by the federal government in 2013) 405 Million EURO taxpayer’s money to the terrorists.
  • It was Germany that supplied intel services to the German-funded terrorists of “FSA” operating in Syria by placing a spy-ship near the Syrian coast that monitored the Syrian Arab Army’s movements and gave these intel (via Cyprus) to the US-army commanders in Turkey who were training and instructing the “moderate rebels”.
  • It was Germany that placed sophisticted attack missiles right to the Turkish-Syrian border, claiming this was to help the Turkish NATO-partner to “defend” against aggressions from Syrian soil – knowing that rocket attacks from inside Syria into Turkey were all done by Turkish-led operations of al-Qaeda with Turkish and NATO-rockets.
  • It is Germany that allows the USA to use German soil (US-airbase Ramstein) for their terroristic attacks on Syria whilst German intel-services provide the USA and their terrorists with info about the positions of the Syrian Arab Army, whilst German army special forces (KSK) squads have been monitored illegally operating in Syria assisting the terroristic Kurdish PKK / YPG in their (Israeli-made) plan to grab the northern land from Eastern Aleppo province to Hasaka and cut it off from Syria.
  • It is Germany where patriotic Syrians living in Germany are being silenced by the use of force (physical and psychological terror) whilst the German media are ongoingly spittig the most stupid, pathetical lies on Syria.
  • It is Germany that still arms the terroists of Jaysh al-Islam and Ahar al-Sham – al-Qaeda (via “our closest ally in the region”, Saudi Arabia) – which was again verified just recently by the massive amount of German-made arms and ammo, found in a warehouse of “Jaysh al-Islam” in Aleppo. And, to add just a question: Who do you think has been paying the governments and officials of Bulgaria, Albania and Serbia to ship tons of arms to the terrorists in Syria?

These are just some of the many facts, proven by evidence, that Germany does play an active role in the Western-plotted war on Syria. I could add some more but I guess that would not make Germany look better.

Germany is member of NATO. Germany is a colony of the USA (aka Israel), since 1945 still occupied by appr. 50.000 soldiers of the US-Army.

The occupation of Germany by foreign (US) troops has to be paid for by the German taxpayer (laid down in the German constitution!) since 1949.

The German Constitution still inherits the “allied privileges” – privileges of occupants from the mid 1940s. After the renuification and the withdrawal of soviet Red Army troops from east-German territory, the USA is now using Germany as its “spearhead” (German defense-minister Mrs. Ursula von der Leyen) against Russia and against the Middle East. The US-made and led “war on terror”, which, in fact, is a “war by terror”, was impossible to conduct without Germany.

Germany is hosting the biggest arms-stockpile of the US-Army outside the USA, including 130 nukes near the US-airbase Ramstein, and 20 nukes in Buechel, designed to be flown into their Russian targets by German Tornado-fighterjets. (Guess what will happen in case these nukes, struck by a missile, go off…)

Germany hosts the US-Army command-headquarters for Central Europe and the Middle East (“CentCom”) and for Africa (“AfriCom”) in Stuttgart. From Ramstein, the illegal drone-terror against innocent civilians in Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan, Sudan, Somalia and elsewhere is being supported (the drone-pilots are in the USA, but they need Ramstein as amplifier for the signal commanding the drones
to the designated targets).

Nowadays Germany, proven by fact, is a terroristic vassal of the massmurdering death-star USA (aka Israel). All German foreign policy is designed by the USA (aka Israel) and following the orders from Washington (aka Tel Aviv), as Germany is NOT a sovereign nation but the “Federal Republic of Germany” (FRG) is listed as “NGO” at the UN.

In Yekaterinburg, Russia, the German FM, who is just the disgraceful puppet of the US-State Department (aka Tel Aviv), clashed with his Russian counterpart, FM Lavrov, on Aleppo, claiming the Russian air campaign was responsible for the humanitarian crisis Germany and NATO made.

Bark bark bark – and the caravan moves on… What drove this Zionist puppet Steinmeier to make a complete fool of himself, again? Well, maybe, Steinmeier was just following his orders, aiming to prevent Aleppo to be fully liberated by the Syrian Arab Army. We know that the USA (aka Israel) is desparatly seeking to cut Syria into several parts, and hence the USA (aka Israel) needs Aleppo in her hands. Maybe, Steinmeier did even argue on his own, again uncomfortably colliding with the reality.

But maybe also the location of the bilateral meeting of the terrorist Steinmeier and the Russian FM Lavrov was making the bad vibrations: the two met at the “Boris Yeltzin University”

But now for ending without any sarcasm: The federal chancellor, Mrs. Angela Merkel, returning from her vacation, hastened to let her speaker tell the world what the world has been waiting for: Mrs. Merkel, head of a terroristic massmurdering criminal gang, regards the Russian campaign in Aleppo as “cynical”.
Voilà – here comes humanity…

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German weapons found at an al-Qaeda arms depot in Aleppo:

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The author is a German who wants his nation to be free and a part of the civilised world again. He wants his nation to live in peace and respect with all other naions, instead of imposing bloody illegal wars on several countries like Afghanistan, Mali, Syria. He does not want to insult anyone by describing facts which are easily to be researched and verifiedd.

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