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Obama’s Death Squads Use Genetically Altered Bioweapon to Kill Syrian Soldiers

Obama regime deathsquads use genetically altered Bioweapon to kill Syrian Soldiers


by Miri Wood, R.N.,c.

Obama regime death-squads use genetically altered Bio-weapon to kill Syrian Soldiers

Let us first make absolutely clear that a mortar is a lethal bomb. It is an explosive projectile with low velocities, short ranges, and high arcing trajectories. It is from the Latin, meaning crushed.

Now, let every person in the United States of America imagine the following chronology of devastation occurring in the U.S. within a few short weeks:

16 April: Jordan bombs vehicles it claims are illegally entering/ attempting to enter. It is unlikely that Jordan, which has been allowing the CIA to train mercenaries on its soil, which has allowed Israel use of its airspace, and which recently accepted a one billion dollar bribe from President Obama to keep aiding in the destruction of Syria, has bombed itself.

18 April: Syrian traitor who now feasts in Doha, Qatar (“pronounced ‘Gutter’”), Faisal Qassem calls for alQaeda/ FSA to destabilize ‘Assad regime’s cities’.

Qatari TV Al Jazeera anchor promoting attacks against secured cities in Syria (

23 April: Syria announces that presidential elections will be held on 3 June. That this election would be held this summer, has been known for several months [1]. Qatar’s paper, al Jazeera, has a meltdown, and the U.S. State Department’s Undiplomat Jen Psaki – who, on 5 March, bleated that it was okay to put Syria’s Ambassador to the United Nations, on a very short leash – bleated about the upcoming election: “The Syrian regime under the Assads has never held a credible, free and fair election and has taken legal and administrative steps to ensure that this vote will not be fair…”.

25 April: Sociopath terrorists of Jabhat al Nusra (JaN) kill fifty soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army, in Dara’a, near the Golan. JaN actually is on the U.S. “terror list,” which Dutch Royal Shell former leader of the “Syrian [sic] National [sic] Coalition” Moaz al Khatib complained about (either from Doha, or from Istanbul), having stated these monsters are “part of the Syrian revolution.” See below, for an analysis of the video posted by these adherents of Beelzebub.

25 April: Terrorists cut off water supply to the city of Aleppo.

26 April: Terrorists destroy pharmaceutical factory in Aleppo.

28 April: JaN savages proudly upload their carnage in Dara’a, to Youtube.

29 April: Terrorists hit the al-Shagour neighborhood of Damascus with four mortar bombs. Two explode on the Badder Eddin al-Hassni school, killing 16 children, and injuring 86.

29 April: Terrorists bomb the Chamber of Industry Building in Aleppo.

29 April: Foreign Policy magazine runs an article on the ‘rehabbed’ weapons the U.S. plans to send to the terrorists, subheading the story, “The CIA wants to use fingerprint scanners and GPS devices to make sure Syria’s rebels [sic] target Assad – not the West”.

29 April: Twin car bombings in Homs kill 100, and seriously injure 135. Syrians pour out into the streets, to pick up pieces of their loved ones and neighbors, chanting “God, Syria, Bashar, nothing else. One father holds a bloody chunk of his daughter. [2]

29 April: The bodies of seven men are crucified, in Raqa’a, which has been under the control of the Islamic [sic] State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) since September 2012, calling them “Assad’s dogs” (they force children to watch their butcheries, too). Several months ago, these fiends uploaded a video of beheadings committed by a Chechen with a dull knife, who did not speak Arabic. Reichwing media (along with possibly uninformed Christian groups), have wrongfully claimed these atrocities as being an attack on Christianity, and have used them as justification for Islamophobic incitement in the West; why not judge a 1,400 year old religion whose population is 23% of the humanity, by the sociopathic atrocities of thousands of mercenaries?

Let us keep in mind that Syria is primarily Muslim (as Italy is primarily Roman Catholic), which means that most Syrian martyrs will be Muslim , despite the fact that the Syrian citizens view themselves as Syrian citizens.

30 April: Hama asphalt factory bombed.

30 April: Terrorists force Veterinarian Dr. Nawras Salman al-Jba’ei and his family out of their car, and murder him and his one year old son, and critically injure his wife.

1 May: Terrorists bomb al Sa’ada school in Damascus, wounding two teachers.

1 May: Terrorists bomb sugar factory in Aleppo.

2 May: The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) announces the first case of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS) [3]. This chilling declaration reverberates, in both health, and geopolitics. MERS was first detected in September 2012, in “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.” It kills a full one-third of those afflicted, and moves sans vecteur [4], making it more virulently contagious.

The CDC’s press release left out significant background information, that, according to various media persons who listened to the tele-conference of Assistant Surgeon General, Dr. Anne Schuchat, included a blurb that the afflicted American had been a health care provider in Saudi occupied Arabia. The release stated the patient flew from Riyadh to London to Chicago, after which he took a bus to Indiana, and then became sick a couple of days later. A cascade of hink alarms went off in this author’s mind, when this statement was combined with reporting that the patient had been there to assist in “health care,” caused by the fact that many takfirist foreign terrorists in Syria, have slithered into the country under the cloak of providing ‘humanitarian medical needs,’ and the fact that in the mid 90s, Saudi [occupied] Arabia was running high gloss, full page ads in nursing journals, for professional nurses to sign up for one year contracts. The deal was a non-taxable $50,000, one month vacation, and round – trip airfares for everything, including vacations.

No health care provider would be stuck taking a bus home, but savages run by the malignant Saud family are on their own, once they lose their use-value.

Both the CDC and corporate war-mongering media omit the “camel factor,” except to feign a complete ignorance that, in terms of bestiality, camels are the Sauds’ favorites (“Q: Why do they call camels ‘the ships of the desert’? A: Because they’re full of Saudi semen.”), and that Saudi “scientists” claim to have discovered that camel urine cures cancer. In April, 2012, two Turks returned from Umrah, the holy pilgrimage to Mecca (though many of the holy sites have been converted into Paris Hilton shopping malls), sickened from having drunk both camel urine and milk, the latter of which carries the alkhurma virus (fatality of 25-35%) [5].

Following this patient, an alleged health care provider, non-stop, from Riyadh to London, then London to Chicago, and then to cheapest form of transportation, “the bus ride,” leads this author to conceive a very probable analysis: The patient is an American Wahhabi takfirist, gone to Saudistan to be trained to commit atrocities in Syria. He got sick from personal interaction with one or more camels, and was put on a plane, the last leg of his flight ending at Chicago’s Midway International Airport, that the place in “Indiana” to where he took that bus, is Plainfield, 25.8 miles (41.5 kilometers) away, and home to the massive Islamic Society of North America complex, built in 1983, for $21,000,000.00 (the bulk of these immense funds are rumored to have been received from the Wahhabi Sauds). [6]

As many of the 83 countries that have supported terrorists against Syria begin to worry about their chickens coming home to roost [7] perhaps they might consider, also, to worry specifically about the Horseman of Pestilence,  joining those roosting chickens.

3 May: Mar Ignatius Aphrem II Karim, Supreme Head of the Universal Syriac Orthodox Church calls for a “vigorous” voter turnout, stating that “the sorrowful events in Syria won’t discourage the Syrian people from their national commitments and duties,” though the rampant bombings that occurred throughout the day appear to be a commitment by “Obama’s dogs” to terrorize the Syrian population into not voting.

3 May: Bombs hit Aleppo University, Aleppo al-Salloum Hospital, and Aleppo Planet Hotel, killing 12 human beings, and wounding 52 others.

3 May: Terrorists remotely detonate (the fascist U.S. considers detonators as “non-lethal” “material aid”) a car bomb in the suburbs of Damascus, as the Syrian Arab Army bomb squad was attempting to dismantle it. Several were killed and wounded.

3 May: Terrorists bomb a bus in the Damascus neighborhood of al-Dweil’a, murdering four people, including a 16 year old girl, and a coach of Syria’s goalkeepers.

4 May: Too many attacks throughout Syria, to list.

5 May: In the Daily Press Briefing, State Department Deputy Spokesperson Marie Harf gleefully announces the arrival of the “Syrian Opposition Coalition” thugs, led by pimp, paid assassin, and convicted drug trafficker, Ahmad al Jarba [8], to Washington D.C. Harf – so giddy I thought she had forgotten to remove a couple of ben wa balls – announced that Americans were having another $27 million taken from their taxes to continue funding “moderate fighters.” While Jarba continues to demand more “advanced weapons” from the U.S., Harf also announced that the criminal Jarba and his gang would be given “foreign mission status” (N.B. The freedom loving U.S. closed the Embassy of the Syrian Arab Republic, in D.C., on 18 March, 2014) to assist in “banking and security services.” Harf also announces the upcoming photo-op with Jarba and Secretary of State Kerry (which occurred 8 May. Kerry allowed no questions from the press.).

6 May: The always-Vichy AP wire service runs a half-page story [10] on the bombing of the Damascus Opera House. AP flaunts its malignancy – and denies that “a thing of beauty is a joy forever” [11] – by describing this magnificent structure [12] as “a potent symbol of the Assad family’s decades-long authoritarian rule over Syria.”

It is not until the last sentence of the fourth paragraph that the reader is informed that the bombing took place, one month earlier, on 6 April.

Why would a wire service publish an article to cause its readers to infer the news to be actually new? And why would it commit such an act, of cynical sadism, immediately after the State Department brings in the savages?

Might AP have been signaling the demon invaders of Syria a massive green light to accelerate their cultural genocide, that terrifyingly efficient means of obliterating the past, present, and future, simultaneously?

9 May: Alas, we have woefully found our answer, in AP’s also un-authored, almost full-page wire story, which begins in fiendish gloating: “With a gigantic explosion, Syrian rebels on Thursday leveled a historic hotel being used as an army base in the northern city of Aleppo by detonating bomb-packed tunnels beneath it, activists and militants said.

“The blast near Aleppo’s medieval citadel, in imposing city landmark that was once swarming with tourists, killed an unknown number of soldiers. It turned the Carlton Hotel, known for its elegant architecture and proximity to the citadel, into a pile of rubble.

“The attack was a powerful statement that the rebels could still deal heavy blows elsewhere in Syria…”.

My Fellow Americans: Please imagine, now, our beautiful Carlton Hotel, in Mid-Manhattan, being bombed into rubble, imagine our Independence Hall being bombed into rubble, our Liberty Bell turned to dust, while most of the world media cheers our nightmarish destruction, calls the butchers “freedom fighters,” instead of condemning the devastation. Now, also imagine the killing of U.S. troops, in the Carlton Mid-Manhattan…

The previously glorious Carlton Citadel Hotel, now fully obliterated, had been constructed within a 150 year old building that faced the entrance to the 13th century Citadel, Aleppo, which was built upon a hill whose own history dates back to the 3rd millennium, B.C. The Citadel Aleppo, has been part of the World Heritage Site since 1986 (don’t you people get it?! It’s not just Syria being destroyed. It is all of humanity.). [13]

That the violent, and violently brain-injured takfirist Saud Wahhabis are anti-Islam is well documented in their own, uploaded horror videos of their every atrocity.

Obviously, they are deaf to the words of the Prophet Muhammed (PBuH), particularly these words, which now resonate from allegory to prophecy: “Cham [Syria] is my citadel (arrows holder), who throws it with an arrow, God throws him with a thousand arrows from it.” [14]

Now, this nurse-journalist must ingest some drops of tincture of Prometheus (a.k.a. “hubris”), the ingredient required to audaciously advise the government of the Syrian Arab Republic, and its genuine activist supporters, in Syria, and in the rest of the world.

First, to the activists: “XII. If the radiology resident and the medical student both see a lesion on the chest x-ray, there can be no lesion there” [15]. This rule must always be applied to Zionist propaganda, as in if Israel says “GB”, and the NYT says “GB,” there can be no GB. And, if the NYT, CNN, State Department et al report “GB,” “there can be no GB there.” In fact, the non-existence of GB surely must increase, geometrically, on every occasion that the fascists mention it. While your exposure of al Nusra’s ghastly video of the murders of more than 50 soldiers, in Dara’a, is worthy of every type of praise imaginable, there is no “smoking gun” that demonstrates use of GB (the videos will be analyzed, below). Please remember that GB is a neurotoxin, which enters also through the skin, rendering gas masks useless unless worn with full, protective, skin covering.

To the government of the Syrian Arab Republic: Why have you withheld the news of this horror, from your people? Do they not deserve to know all the truth? Is not every martyr of the Syrian Arab Army worthy of having his story told? Should not the world’s population, being fed the daily poison of media run by war criminals, be told of each atrocity committed against your sovereign nation?

This video — immediately below, and much too short for analysis — is of significance, as it reports the existence of the atrocity, who committed it, and when and where it happened.

The attack against Regiment 74 of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), on 24 April 2014, from Tel el Jabya (that this is not far from the Golan, occupied by Israel, since the 6-day War, may be of significance).

We see white smoke, and we hear explosions. This is not much in the way of forensics, except to consider the possibility that smoke and concussion grenades were dumped upon the soldiers, below Tal al Jabiya.

(Video also available on BitChute: Click Here )

The claim of use of a chemical weapon “blistering agent” [16] appears to not recognize the decomposition process, neglecting to see that not all the soldiers’ faces are “blistered.” The rate of decomp is not the same, in all bodies.

The caption that the “soldier died holding his throat choking,” is wrong. When this soldier fell, his arm dropped onto his neck, without his hand touching it.

Before examining the nine-minute video in which Jahbat al Nusra meanders through the field of Syrian soldier-corpses, let us remember that when the State Department placed JaN on the “terrorist list,” it did so as a photo-op, a “limited hang-out.” Let us also re-state that the previous un-elected-yet-U.S.-recognized-as-legitimate-leader-of-the-Syrian-people, Dutch Royal Shell-ite, Moaz alKhatib, demanded their removal, stating they are “part of the Syrian revolution.”

JaN is noted for their “The Seventh Seal” medieval fashion flair, their black al Qaeda flags, their blatant sociopathy, and their repetitive, blasphemous cries they wrongly assume will hide their literal sexual impotence and/or predilections for camels, goats, and pre-pubescent boys (though, on occasion, they will rape their 5-year-old girls, for not being virgins). You might want to mute the volume.

This video shows at least 50 killed soldiers.

There is no explanation regarding the beheading of the first soldier seen, though it is odd that the demons – not known for their tidiness – have actually covered him. Dried blood is visible on the blanket, and I shudder to imagine what the amber liquid is, in the plastic bottle, next to his body.

There is some evidence that some days have passed, since these soldiers were killed. In addition to the discoloration on many faces and hands, indicating putrefaction (note that the soldiers whose faces show decomp, also have hands in that process). Some looting of the bodies has occurred (most notably, boots stolen from one murdered soldier. Note the positioning of his feet.). Bodies have obviously been moved (particularly the shameless “pile” of men, at the end of the video). The “housing” area has totally been trashed, as is the standard of these barbarians (let us remember the early videos they took of themselves, in the Syrian homes they stole and occupied: All were trashed, and trashed quite literally).

Even these barbarians require a few days to bring chaos to order.

There was also a need for a waiting period, to enter an area in which a non-projectile weapon has been used.

As I watched this grotesque cinema, some odd thing kept scratching at me, with jagged nails (other than the obvious “odd thing” perversity that we are paying demons to destroy an entire country, and their walk among their victims’ cadavers as though they were spending a pleasant Sunday afternoon in Retiro Park, that is). It took multiple pauses – while counting the bodies – before I was stunned by the realization that these soldiers all died on their backs (note that among the couple of soldiers who have been turned onto their stomachs, one has his buttocks exposed, showing lividity, the post mortem pooling of blood, which shows that this martyr also died on his back).

Looking at these murdered men, meticulously, I finally saw the commonality of their deaths: Despite the end of rigor mortis, their necks remain hyperextended; their wrists and hands retain the spastic contractures of tetraplegics; even their legs and feet have the similar posture of opisthotonos, “the tetanic spasm in which the head and feet are drawn backward and the spine arches forward.” [17]

Among the causes of opisthotonos are two bacteria, Clostridium tetani, and Neisseria meningitides. Of these two, only C. tetani is listed as a Biological Weapon.

According to the website of the Federation of American Scientists, BWs take from hours to days for symptoms to appear.

That these soldiers seem to have dropped and died where they dropped – excruciatingly painful deaths – and that the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) has not reported this unimaginable atrocity, forces me into a nightmare epiphany: C. tetani has been genetically altered, to increase its speed and mortality rates, and efficiently tested against the patriotic soldiers of the Syrian Arab Republic.

Whether this ignoble act of “science” was made in a laboratory in Erdogan’s Turkey, or Netanyahu’s Israel, will likely remain unknown.

Let us ponder, My Fellow Americans, is this another chicken we would like to see come home to roost?

[1] Interview with Syria’s Permanent Ambassador to the United Nations, Dr. Bashar al-Ja’afari


[3] CDC announces first case of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus infection (MERS) in the United States

[4] A vector is the means of transmission of a pathogen, such as a mosquito, which, e.g., was the mode of transmission for the “species jump” of the Simian Immunodeficiency Virus into the human population of Sub-Saharan Africa, mutating into AIDs, along the way.

[5] Turkish men hospitalized after drinking camel’s milk, urine

[6] In a fetidly coincidental timing: The ISNA is hanging out with the U.S. State Department in the Central African Republic (a landlocked, poor former French colony, rich in undeveloped raw materials); an ‘investigative team’ from the International Criminal Court arrives to investigate war crimes in this former French colony, poor but rich in undeveloped raw materials; an “ex” ICC prosecutor advises Palestinians not to call for an investigation into Israel’s war crimes; Obama wants the mafioisi of the U.N. to call upon the ICC to prosecute Syria.

[7] Google “eu countries worry about jihadists coming home,” just for fun.

[8] The Syrian National Coalition’s Saudi Makeover

[9] Embassy of Syria in Washington DC

[10] Damascus opera suffers under mortar strikes

[11] “Endymion,” by John Keats

[12] RARE: Assad Full Unedited English-Dubbed Speech in Damascus Opera House Jan. 6, 2013

[iframe src=”” width=”100%” height=”500″]

[13] Virtual tour of The Citadel Aleppo, which the State Department wants destroyed

[14] As quoted by Syria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations [of Mafiosi, actually], Dr. al Ja’afari, during his presentation in Orlando, Florida: ( Deleted the channel watch it below) . The educational value of his travels is what caused the State Department to put him on a leash.

[iframe src=”” width=”100%” height=”500″]

[15] a Law from “The House of God,” by Samuel Shem.

[16] Blister agents

[17] As a professional nurse, I have performed “post mortem care” (cleaning and wrapping of the body prior to release to the funeral home) countless times. Not once, never once, have I seen a single patient corpse with this tetanic posturing.

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  1. James Padgett

    I feel so angry at and ashamed of, as an American, of all the horrible evil this present demonic, satanic U.S. administration has caused to Syria – funding and arming terrorists as it has. I pray hard for God to do whatever is necessary to stop this evil. May GOD powerfully judge and remove every ruler responsible for ongoing suffering to the nation of Syria.

    • miri

      Another “miri,” also small caps.

      Sweet coincidence; pleased to meet you.

      As I am primarily writing for a US American population — including the State Dept, various lying politicians, our Vichy urinalists — I chose “bath salts” for its imagery value (last year, we had a few horror stories about “bath salts” crazies, running around naked, eating people, with so much adrenaline pumping that it was difficult to subdue them.

      I could have been literal, and used “Captagon,” the illicit drug that combines ‘monster meth’ and PCP symptoms, which is the actual drug that many of the sociopath terrorists *are* taking, but this would have removed the imagery, and caused the need for lots more footnotes, which, alas, are frequently ignored.

      This is a short article on it:

      This is a 6 minute report, in Arabic, which will be followed by a 2 minute video interview with the madman, with English subtitles:

      You may remember this cannibal, from last year, butchering and eating a fallen soldier’s heart:

      I hope this answers your relevant question.

  2. miri

    I think I was ‘swept away’ by RT’s headline here, ignoring the photos and captions that could have been written by the State Dept’s media lackeys:

    1st photo: “A Free Syrian Army fighter mans an anti-aircraft gun on the back of a pick-up truck during clashes with forces loyal to Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad in Sheikh Najjar in Aleppo May 13, 2014.” (Reuters / Hosam Katan)”

    Why in God’s name would Syria’s “friend,” Russia consider using the words “A Free Syrian Army fighter”? We all know they’re all alQaeda. When did acts of terrorist atrocities become “clashes”? Why does Russia insult its “friend,” Syria, by calling its military by the same name that Kerry does, “forces loyal to Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad”?

    Does not RT have extensive and authorized presence *in* Syria? Why, then, would it use a Reuters photo that promotes the *terrorists* as “fighters?

    The second foto has almost the exact the same caption: “A missile is fired by Free Syrian Army fighters towards forces loyal to Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad in the eastern Hama countryside May 14, 2014” .(Reuters / Mohamad Bayoush)

    Is it really possible that RT had none of their own fotos, from their own archives? Were they nowhere around to take photographs in Homs, where the terrorists killed more than 100 people, in a very short time? No fotos from the bombing of the Carlton Citadel Hotel, in Aleppo? Or maybe the terrorists in their alQaeda uniforms, perhaps even a still of them walking through the 50+ Syrian soldiers killed in the bioweapon attack?

  3. miri

    “Aun aprendo,” writes the great Goya, in one of his self-portraits.

    Please count me in, as I have just been thunderstruck by the realization that the use of the words “death squads” may only be acknowledged as viable, when they are run by US Republican administrations, e.g., Nixon-Kissinger’s death squads in Chile; Reagan’s death squads in Central America (a.k.a. Bush/North’s drug dealing Iran/Contra), Bush I’s death squads in Panama, pre-invasion; Bush/Cheneyac’s death squads in Iraq, pre-invasion.

    The death squads in Yugoslavia, under Democrat Clinton, and the death squads in Syria, under Obama, are ‘mandated’ as the ravings of a ”lunatic fringe,” mostly rightwing — *no matter how blatant is the evidence.*

    While researching this article, I spent hours in search of the medical word to describe the positioning of the wrists, hands, ankles, and feet of these murdered soldiers, unsuccessfully.

    Today, a friend found it: *carpopedal spasm,* the unflawed physical sign of the opisthotonos death, suffered by these soldiers, from the biological weapon, C. tetani.

  4. miri

    CDC did twit back to me, with a lie.

    Next day, State Dept. friendly Reuters ran a wire contradicting my ‘analysis’ that the alleged health care provider’s destination was Plainfield, Indiana, by ‘reporting’ he had gone to another (named) destination.

    Yesterday, Fux Lite (aka CNN) ran a piece ‘reporting’ that the guy who the CDC acknowledged as being the first MERS case in the US, had an ‘extensive business meeting’ with someone, and then a shorter ‘business meeting’ with that someone, who turned out to have been + for MERS, via blood work, but was fine and dandy.

    Much of US media is now ‘reporting’ that MERS comes from the “Arabian Peninsula’ (which includes NINE countries), thereby stuffing the truth the the first *detected* case, September 2012, was in Saudi occupied Arabia.

    What can be gleaned from the media laundering, is that: The claim that MERS has a one-third fatality rate is probably overblown; the geopolitics of Wahhabi sex jihadism has nothing to do with it; it could have come from anywhere.

    I do take all this nonsense quite personally, as I have been twitting the State Dept and CDC, *specifically,* demanding the quarantine of Saudistan.

  5. chess

    US ‘military advisors’ to Syria to begin a destroy Israel campaign at Obama’s, etc. orders. Control (takeover) of Syria is a Trojan Horse to annilate Israel.

    1) Obama’s father was an alavite muslim. obama hates Assad because Assad’s father
    killed all of the Allivites in Syria in the ’40s .

    2) obama’s Trojan Horse is sneaking US soldiers into Syria and then ordering them ( ie.manipulating the situation) to GO INTO ISRAEL and KILL ISRAELIS..

  6. chess

    the takeover (ISIS) is by the murderous allevite shiites (close in spelling to _ _ _ _) to whom obama is closely connected (obviously). they have always been losers and now our lil o is helping them triumphantly take over the ME and own the caliphate :(

  7. Miri Wood

    “This was illustrated in the exercise scenario: a localized bioweapons attack with a genetically engineered monkeypox virus begins in the fictional country of Brinia. Over 18 months, the scenario evolves into a globally catastrophic pandemic, leaving 40% of the world’s population infected and over a quarter billion people dead.”


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