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Espionage Germany / NSA

Law, Policy & EU and PRISM. The U.S. intelligence service, the NSA, is in terms of finding names for its espionage projects either shockingly unimaginative or deliberately trying to allay the excitement about its surveillance and espionage programs by confusion.

The already made statements by several European governments that they did not know about the NSA monitoring program PRISM at least since 2011 was already astonishing, but that the EU governments and their intelligence services have only  known about another, second monitoring program with the same name, which is likewise comes from the NSA, but instead of observing and monitoring the communication of American and European citizens, this second PRISM program serves for the telecommunications surveillance in Afghanistan, is really unbelievable.

For example, in a recent statement by the U.S. secret service to the German federal government, which is in the hands of the German newspaper “Die Welt“, the U.S. secret service speaks about the fact that they have even three different programs with the name PRISM and all three are still operated – according to the statement by the U.S. secret service and the paper in the hands of the German newspaper.

This is really confusing and while some say that this could underpin the statements by some European governments that they have not known anything about the PRISM project that was announced by the whistleblower Edward Snowden, this is also to put into question because there is not such a situation in which one of the three best European intelligence services would not have known about such information in regards of three different PRISM projects with just the same name.

The NSA is currently presenting the situation like there would be another PRISM project for the U.S. Defence Information in Afghanistan that collects intelligence information for them in Afghanistan, beside the relevant PRISM system for the analysis of telecommunications between people.

Third, according to the questionable statements by the NSA, they would operate an information portal with the same name (PRISM) and this portal would have nothing to do with the PRISM system, which has been made public by the whistleblower Edward Snowden.

In terms of the actual PRISM monitoring program, the NSA tries to decrease the worldwide excitement. For example, the German newspaper “Die Welt” cites the document of the NSA with such statements: “The NSA and the rest of the U.S. government cannot use this to randomly collect the contents of the private communications of the citizens of other nations.” Well, and I am Santa Claus. In addition, it states that the PRISM system of the NSA has been used targeted and within a contractual basis.

Espionage Germany / NSA
Espionage Germany / NSA

However, the actual charge is not even about the fact that the NSA would save complete contents of telecommunications. Instead, it is about the acquisition of telecommunication operations – i.e., the information about who, when, with whom and on what came into contact – and in which way, of course.

This collected data can already be used to create comprehensive profiles of the personality and the social environment of a person.

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