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NATO Terrorists Fratricide Murders Two Children in Hasakah, Syria

Al Qaeda-affiliated terrorist groups sponsored by member states of the NATO 'defensive' alliance in northern Syria

Two children were murdered and several civilians injured as a result of the renewed clashes between terrorist groups sponsored by the NATO ‘defensive’ alliance in the countryside of Hasakah, yesterday, 5th of July 2023.

Local sources in the northwestern Hasakah countryside in the Ras Al Ain (aka Ras Al Ayn) region reported heavy infighting between two NATO Turkey-sponsored terrorist groups over human trafficking from Syria into its northern NATO member state Turkey.

The infighting started early yesterday morning near the entrance of the city of Ras Al Ain on the borders with Turkey between the so-called Sultan Murad terrorist group and another terrorist group naming itself the ‘Civilian Police,’ multiple local sources said, and confirmed by a reporter for the Syrian news agency SANA.

Heavy and medium machine guns were used in the clashes between the two NATO proxy forces resulting in the killing of two children, injuring at least 5 civilians, and inflicting material damage to residential houses and properties in the region.

Some local sources confirmed the killing of at least one of the terrorists and the injuring of several others.

A plethora of Al Qaeda-affiliated terrorist groups are actively operating in the north of Syria across the long borders with Turkey, the member state of the NATO ‘defensive’ alliance taking advantage of the protection provided to them by the regime of the Turkish madman Erdogan and the open supply lines run by the ‘intelligence’ agencies of a number of other member states of the NATO ‘defensive’ alliance and their regional stooges, namely the so-called states of Israel and Qatar (pronounced Gutter).

Another NATO forces fratricide in northern Syria

Despite the repeated pledges of dismantling the terrorist groups and preserving Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity affirmed by each one of the numerous resolutions by the United Nations signed by the three permanent member states of the UNSC, the USA, UK, and France, in addition to Turkey, and the Idlib agreement in its multiple versions by the Turkish regime under the guarantee of Iran and Russia within the framework of the Astana Talks, the regime of the Turkish madman Erdogan (a member state of the NATO ‘defensive’ alliance) with the help of the other members of the ‘defensive’ alliance continues to provide protection and supplies to the large number of terrorist groups it sponsors in northern Syria under the guise of ‘protecting the national security of Turkey!’

The Syrian people have to continue paying the price in their blood and the blood of their beloved little ones, their suffering, and their properties because of the continued criminality of the members of the NATO ‘defensive’ alliance in a country that poses no threat to the North Atlantic region and that is thousands of miles far from that region.

Furthermore, the Syrian people continue to suffer due to the failure of the two guarantors of the Astana Talks, Russia and Iran, in curbing the Turkish aggression on Syria, with one of the guarantors playing a 4D master Chess game to distance Turkey from its buddies in the ‘defensive’ alliance of NATO, while the other guarantor is weaving their complex Persian rug by helping the Turkish economy survive under the Western pressure hoping that Erdogan will reduce his criminal flip-flopping policies.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    Even when the terrorists fight each other, Syria’s children get killed, haven’t we sacrificed enough on behalf of humanity and trying to sway the Turkish maniac to normality? Isn’t it overdue to use the fist and stick instead of the carrots to this freak? Hasn’t he taken enough carrots?


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