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NATO Terrorists Fratricide in Kaljibrin, Northern Aleppo, 5 Killed

NATO Turkey-sponsored Al Qaeda Division 50 in Northern Syria - file photo - الفرقة 50 القاعدة تركيا شمال سورية

NATO proxy forces in northern Syria continue their fratricide on the side of their war crimes against the Syrian people, the latest was an attack that eliminated 5 Turkey-sponsored terrorists by a US-sponsored Kurdish armed terrorists.

Little information coming from the posts of the so-called Division 50 of the NATO Turkey-sponsored Al Qaeda-affiliated terrorists in northern Aleppo countryside after the night attack that killed and injured a number of the Al Qaeda-affiliated terrorists.

The news from the town of Kaljabrin, around 7 kilometers to the southeast of Azaz in the northern Aleppo countryside initially reported 4 terrorists killed and others injured members of one of the dozens of Al Qaeda-affiliated terrorist groups in an attack carried out by a Kurdish group operating in the area under the protection of the second-largest army in the NATO ‘defensive’ alliance occupying northern Syria.

NATO fratricide - Turkey-sponsored Al Qaeda Division 50 in Northern Syria - killed by US-sponsored Kurdish terrorists

Later reports confirmed the killing of a 5th terrorist with an unconfirmed number of the injured in this attack, not the first of its kind especially in the ongoing NATO fratricide between the terrorist groups fighting over land control for their masters and over spoils of the war.

The US Army, the first-largest army in the NATO ‘defensive’ alliance occupies parts of northeastern and southeastern Syria and controls with the help of the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists large areas of the country where the main oil and gas fields are located and the area considered the food basket of 20 million Syrians.

Meanwhile, the Turkish madman Erdogan continues to reject the demands by the Russian and Iranian guarantors of the Astana framework and the Idlib Agreement signed by Syria, Turkey, Russia, and Iran in which the latter two act as the guarantors of the Turkish side, and instead, is constantly beefing up his terrorists and the Turkish Army in the regions this member state of the NATO ‘defensive’ alliance illegally occupies in northern Syria.

Division 50 is the result of the Turkish ‘intelligence’ agency’s hard work to combine 7 groups of Al Qaeda under one umbrella to stop their infighting and concentrate on oppressing the Syrian people.

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