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Mounting Pressure on the Syrian Economy

Syrian Lira

Suddenly Syrians who used to export olive oil to neighboring countries couldn’t find the product in their markets, investigations led to the normal suspects, smugglers, but this time the smuggling was not to gain money from the smuggling, it was in constant steps to weaken the Syrian economy with the help of the enemies of humanity.

The following report with English subtitles by the Syrian Ikhbariya news channel, banned by ‘freedom of speech’ promoters in the west, sheds some light.

Video also available on BitChute:

The Syrian currency was under attack since over 27 months especially by the Saudi Central Bank which tries to buys all that they can from the Lira and then sell it at lower prices just to weaken its purchasing power, and just recently it was discovered that the Lebanese Central Bank is not innocent in this regards.

The Turkish fanatic Muslim Brotherhood Erdogan and his BFF former Qatari Emir Hamad contributed both in dismantling and stealing factories from Aleppo and Der Ezzor, destroying what they can’t steal, in more steps to destroy the only country that doesn’t fall under any US hegemony influence in the entire region.

It’s not enough to collect terrorists from all sides of the planet and dump them from neighboring countries into Syria to kill Syrians and destroy their country, not enough that sanctions target the Syrian economy since decades and keep on increasing affecting both the sanctioned and the sanctioning countries by losing thousands of investment opportunities for both, also constant targeting of the Syrian economy from within to force Syrians to kneel and accept the old colonization of their country in new shapes. Obviously the plotters not only fail in reading history, understand the Syrians mentality and the accumulated thousands of years of pride and civilization, but they also keep failing to learn from their own continuous failures. Syrians will die standing and they will die tall defending their country and making sure the aggressors will pay the price of their acts, sooner or later.

Omayyad Sword
The Omayyad Sword in Omayyad Square in Damascus

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  1. Arklight

    That the Lebanese central bank is complicit in the wrecking of the Syrian economy comes as somewhat of a surprise. Surely, even the banksters who think only in terms of monetary units, understand that if Syria falls, Lebanon will be next. Whatever evil force has been loosed upon the earth, the truth is that when a country falls with assistance from within, it is the Quislings who are first to the wall. Every government has the weak, the greedy, the lazy and the stupid who are responsible for the internal worms which eat out the core of any nation, and they are the first to die; why? Because they are the ones who know the creatures who insinuated themselves into the corridors of policy and murdered the nation through greed, sloth and stupidity. We have far more than enough of those political roaches in the US, and if we fall, the Obamas, Bidens, Reids, Boxers, Feinsteins, McCains and such other pieces of fecal matter will be the first to be shot by the victors. It never, ever fails. Syrian and Lebanon, alike, need to root out the rats in their own capitols, city councils and provincial commissions and kill them before they bring down your country. That’s my opinion.

    • Koshin

      ..the worms..motivated by greed sloth and a Somali I can only admire how long the Syrians have stood fast it was done to us too but to find the the stupid, greedy monkeys was apparently far easier in Somalia


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