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Moscow: The US Interprets Geneva Statement Unilaterally to Support the Syrian Opposition

Mar 12, 2013

MOSCOW, (SANA)- Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman criticized the public statements made by U.S. officials in support of the Syrian opposition, saying the US support to the opposition indicates one-sided interpretation of Geneva Statement.

“The public statements of the U.S. administration representatives that are supportive of the ‘The Syrian Coalition’ and the Syrian opposition conclusively indicate a one-sided interpretation of Geneva Statement,” said Alexander Lukashevich in a comment published on the Ministry’s website on Tuesday.

“This makes it more difficult to find means to end the confrontation in Syria soon and shift the conflict into the course of a comprehensive Syrian national dialogue,” he added.

Lukashevich referred to “new inappropriate statements” made by the US State Department spokesperson, Victoria Nuland, in a press conference on Monday on what she said are “interpretations” of the Geneva Statement terms.

The Russian diplomat stressed that the Geneva understandings are “a consensus text” that leaves no room for any “interpretations” or personal explanations.

Lukashevich reiterated Russia’s efforts, in its contacts with the Syrian government, the opposition and influential countries including the US, to implement what was agreed upon in Geneva with no intention to look for new interpretations.

He affirmed that the Geneva Statement, adopted last summer by all essential external players including the US, clearly proposed the mission to move the conflict in Syria to a peaceful course through negotiations between the government and opposition.

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