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Minor Earthquake of 3.4 Degrees Strikes Southeast of Al Hasakah City

Earthquake strikes southwest of Hasakah city - Syria

A minor earthquake was recorded in the southwestern countryside of Al Hasakah province, in the northeast of Syria, yesterday evening, the Syrian National Earthquake Center reported.

The earthquake recorded at 6:01 pm local time (GMT +2) 04th January 2022 had a magnitude of 3.4 degrees on the Richter scale, it struck at 5 kilometers deep, no casualties were reported at the time of this report, the location of the tremor seems to be a remote area at the foot of a mountain.

This map shows some of the latest earthquakes that struck Syria, the latest one is the one on the top right side of the map to the northwest of Ash Shaddadi:

Our previous report explains how Syria has entered the earthquake era at the beginning of this Millenium:

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