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Merchant Ship Caught Fire at Latakia Port Triggers NATO Propagandists

Merchant ship caught fire at Latakia Port - Syria

A fire broke out on a merchant ship docking at the Latakia Port during maintenance work, the fire was soon under control, unlike the NATO propagandists who unleashed their imaginations and used their professionalism in doctoring news to spread panic.

The Chief of the Latakia Fire Department stated that the fire in one of the commercial ships in the Latakia Port was under control and two injuries were recorded.

Latakia Port Director Mr. Amjad Soleiman said in a statement carried by the Syrian news agency SANA: ‘the ship headed to the Latakia Port for maintenance and during the maintenance operations, a limited fire broke out, which was put out by the ship’s crew and the Latakia Fire Department.’

The video is also available on BitChute and YouTube.

Mr. Soleiman added that two of the ship’s crew suffered shortness of breath and were taken to the hospital for treatment and soon later they were both discharged from the hospital.

However, NATO-aligned media, which worked throughout the past decade since the beginning of the US-led war on Syria, took advantage of the incident and published a number of speculations one of which is the ship is an Iranian ship carrying oil to Syria and was struck by an Israeli attack! After this fake news was relayed by multiple media outlets known for their enmity to the Syrian people, Iranian investigative sites debunked this lie immediately, Nour News added that the ship was empty and as per informed Iranian sources ‘the ship has nothing at all to do with Iran and it got fire in an accidental incident.’

If there’s one thing that the Syrians have learned in the early days of the US-led war of terror against them is not to believe any NATO media outlet nor any of the NATO-aligned news or officials, they tend to lie even in their weather forecasts, and when they don’t have news to lie about they create the news themselves like how a CNN crew blew up an oil pipeline in Homs just to accuse the Syrian army of it!

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