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Meanwhile the US Regime is Actively Fighting ISIS Only on TVs

Meanwhile the US Regime is Actively Fighting ISIS, Only on TVs.

The only force fighting terror on the ground were and are the Syrian Arab Armed Forces, every other power have only strengthened these terrorists until the position they reached today, then claimed to be fighting them while in fact training more of them 'Moderate Opposition' defecting later into radical groups, arming them as we see in this report and attacking and imposing sanctions on who is really fighting them.

NOT AGAIN: More US AID, Missiles Shipped to al Qaeda, al Nusra and ISIS in Syria, Iraq
Two weeks ago, 21WIRE reported on how ISIS and other terrorists militants operating in Syria and Iraq are receiving regular weapons and ‘supply drops’ – forming a ‘rat line’ which seems to be playing a crucial role in keeping this highly profitable conflict going on both sides. This week, it’s been reported that Jabhat Al-Nusra fighters have been brandishing US-supplied [ 894 more words. ]

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