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Military Aggression Against Syria Was Always the Tool Considered to Enact Regime Change

Military aggression against Syria was always the tool considered to enact regime change.

The deal to strip Syria off its deterrent chemical weapons then the reluctancy by Russia to deliver the most needed and paid for S300 anti aircraft defense system to the SAA, followed with heavy investments by Russia and Iran directly and indirectly in all Syria's enemy states, then the increase flow of terrorists and doing so now overtly by labeling them 'Moderate Opposition', were all planned by the West and regional stooges. Nobody wants a strong independent Syria as it will for sure be an obstacle against their hegemony policies.

Iran and Russia played a very dangerous policy in strengthening Syria's enemies in the past 4 years, Iran by investing in Turkey's economy and subsequently the Turks in Israel with the same investments coming from Iran, and Iranian suspicious support to their presumed arch enemies the Wahhabi Muslim Brotherhood organization, Russia investing in Turkey, Israel, Jordan and even in Qatar and Egypt..

Syrian leadership should act swiftly and decisively against the terrorists and their sponsors in the region; the US led coalition gave the proper precedent for Syria to form a coalition that will go after the terrorists, especially ISIS, training camps and supply routes in neighboring states, who will stand up beside Syria? That's the main criteria that will define the evil from the good.

‘Military pressure’ may be needed to oust Syrian President – John Kerry
US Secretary of State John Kerry has declared that military pressure may be needed to oust Syria’s President Bashar Assad. It comes as knowledge has emerged that the US, along with Turkey, has started training Syrian rebels.

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