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Mass Rally in Support of the Syrian Army in Al-Midan Neighborhood in Aleppo

Mar 14, 2013

ALEPPO, (SANA) – Citizens of al-Midan neighborhood in Aleppo marched through the city’s streets in support of the Syrian Arab Army and in appreciation of its sacrifices to restore security and eliminate terrorism in the country.

The participants raised Syrian flags and placards calling on national opposition to engage in the political solution to end the crisis and preserve the Syrian unity and sovereignty.

They condemned the criminal acts perpetrated by terrorists, chanting slogans against Rajab Tayib Ardogan’s government in Turkey which is a partner in the Syrian bloodshed, rubbing the factories and destroying Aleppo ruins.

They also called for accelerating the elimination of terrorists and destroying their dens and gatherings, affirming that Syrian people are ready to defend their land even if it costs them their souls.

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