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The manipulated videos of the Ghouta “massacre”

The manipulated videos of the Ghouta ’’massacre’’

The Institute, presided by Mother Agnes Mariam of the Cross, has listed the first videos of the massacre of Ghouta, and was able to ascertain the encoded hours of the videos as well as the time of posting on internet.

The closer study of this material enables us to point out incoherences and manipulations:


  • Ghouta is has been depopulated or some time now. The only people that are left are those who support the ’’rebels’’ and some elderly people who weren’t able to flee. The supporters of the rebels are almost all grown men or adolescents. Only few are women or children.
  • On the videos, the victims are mostly children, some adults, but almost no women, while the United Medical Office of Ghouta speaks of a massive amount of deceased women.
  • A woman is looking for her children, but she appears in videos filmed in five different localities, and finds her children in two of them.
  • A witness describes his family’s reaction when they smelled the gas, when Sarin gas is odourless.
  • A picture of the Egyptian revolution was posted as proof of the Ghouta massacre by the Revolutionary Committee of Masaken Barzeh.
  • Two videos, one posted by the revolutionary Committee of Jobar and the other of The Revolutionary Committee of Hamouria, both show two incompatible scenarios of the death of the same child.
  • The comparison of several videos suggest they were staged, since it seems difficult and absurd to move bodies in the same emergency room.
  • While the ’’rebels’’ announce over 1466 deaths, the videos only show 8 burials.


Download the full PDF about the manipulated videos of the Ghouta “massacre” by Mother Agnès-Mariam of the Cross, International Institute for Peace, Justice and man rights:

The Chemical Attacks on East Ghouta to Justify Military Right to Protect Intervention in Syria, by Mother Agnès-Mariam of the Cross, International Institute for Peace, Justice and man rights, September 11th 2013, 43 pp.

Source: Voltaire Network

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