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maliki rejects kurdish territorial claims


Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Wednesday rejected the  Kurdish actions of claiming  Kirkuk their own and that the negations ended.

“No one has the right to exploit the events that took place to impose a fait accompli, as happened in some of the actions of the Kurdistan region. This is rejected,” Maliki said in televised remarks.

He was responding to remarks by regional president Masoud Barzani last week that there was no going back on Kurdish rule in the oil-rich northern city of Kirkuk and other towns now defended by Kurdish fighters against terrorist militants.

Barzani later told the BBC in an interview that Iraq’s Kurds will state their independence within months, stating that it was the right to to do so.

During his weekly televised address, Maliki offered an amnesty to some backers of a sweeping militant offensive, in an apparent attempt to undercut support for the insurgents.

“I announce the provision of an amnesty for all tribes and all people who were involved in actions against the state” but who now “return to their senses”, excluding those involved in killings.

However he expressed his deep wished to form a new government in the shortest time.

“A state of weakness occurred but God willing in the next session (planned for next Tuesday) we will overcome it with cooperation and agreement and openness …in choosing the individuals and the mechanisms that will result in a political process based on…democratic mechanisms,” said Maliki.

The new parliament adjourned Tuesday, with plans to meet one week later, if an agreement on posts was reached.


Turkish authorities are trying to strike a deal with the Kurds on Iraq to benefit from the recent development in Mosul. The ISIL occupation of the Iraqi district reinvigorated the Turkish greedy ambitions to annex part of Iraqi provinces to Turkey.




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