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Majid al Majid


First of all Daash adopts the bombing of Haret Hreik in # Beirut # Lebanon
Next :Lebanon: National Agency for information states : Death of the leader of Abdullah Azzam brigades  following his deteriorating health.
And stated because  of his health condition that  became worse , so the military court announced commissioning a forensic doctor to autopsy the  body after his death  , and Tehran calls on Lebanese officials to be alert and careful to the dimensions of his death , and the uncertainties around.

According to the agency , that al-Majid , who embraced the Iranian embassy bombings in Beirut last month was arrested a few days ago by the Lebanese army intelligence .”

In a first reaction , the Iranian deputy of Foreign Affairs for Arab and African countries  Hussein Amir Abdul Allahaan in a statement to the official news agency of Iran :Lebanese officials should be alert and have attention to the dimensions of the death of ” Majed ” because of the  doubts around  his death and what it may hide .

The deputy chairman of the Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy in the Iranian Shura Council Mansour Haqiqat Port that Tehran reserves the right to complain against Saudi Arabia in the Security Council on Majid Majid .

The Lebanese army announced on Friday that the  DNA testing confirmed the identity of the al-Majid , and the  medical source warned the  Public that his deteriorating health,was   delaying the investigation.

The Government Commissioner to the Military Court in Lebanon, Judge Saqr Saqr assigned  a ” forensic physician  to uncover the body of the commander of al- ‘ Abdullah Azzam Brigades ,” Majid al-Majid . ”

He explained that ” Al-Majid was under the influence of the coma , and death caused by the deterioration of his health .”

Moreover in  2009 the Lebanese court  sentenced al-Majid (born 1973) on charges of belonging to the organization , ” Fatah al-Islam ,” which was responsible in lighting a flame in north Lebanon ; fierce battles  that lasted for three months at the Nahr al-Bared refugee camp in 2007 .

In addition a  life sentence in absentee for Majid was issued on charges of ” belonging to an armed organization with intent to commit crimes against people and undermining state authority and prestige and possession of explosives used in terrorist acts .”

And have  established ” Abdullah Azzam Brigades ” that became included on the list of the State Department’s terrorist organizations , in the year 2009 .

His  allegiance, with the  prince of the Abdullah Azzam Brigades ” in June 2012 in Syria had a bad effect on Lebanon also  due to the increase of armed terrorists in the north. And threatened as ” Abdullah Azzam brigades  ” that is associated with “Al Qaeda ” to continue its operations against Hezbollah ” until his total withdrawn from Syria, where he is fighting alongside the Syrian Arab army .

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