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Libyan Arab Spring Making Wine from Dead Human Bodies

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After the devil’s Arab Spring has succeeded in turning Libya into a totally failed state, the west’s mainstream media dropped it from its interests and concentrating on Syria, the country that stands an obstacle in their queue of countries to be ‘democratized’ into failed states.

Here’s a shocking side of the ‘democracy’ the Arab Spring brought to Libya, remember where’s Libya? It’s an oil rich country north of Africa that the west intervened by itself to ‘protect’ its people from themselves, now they’re so protected with the Public Leashing of sinners and to further ‘respect’ humanity in this country they’re making use of the living and the dead as well.

An interview with a Human Rights activist, the Head of the International Association for Democracy in Libya and a representative of the Libyan Tribal Social Council.

Question: Human Rights activist and the Head of the International Association for Democracy in Libya, welcome Fatima Abo Anniran. There’s a chilling story on socials websites of boiling dead bodies to make wine. Can you please enlighten us on the subject?

Fatima: This is just a tiny infraction, compared with daily human rights abuses, of both the living and the dead. The entire world had witnessed the desecration of graves, maiming of dead bodies. This is what’s happening from the start of the crisis in Libya. Of what had happened since the “liberation” of Libya, this doesn’t surprise me.   Here’s the video (It is quite graphic, not fit for those under 18 years old):

The video is also available on BitChute.

Question: Wish you would tell us more on the subject of making wine from the bodies of the dead and even the living, how could this happen? Is it fit for human consumption?  

Fatima: Since the end of last week, Thursday to be exact, Libya had been witnessing a humanitarian crisis, a genocide of Libyan youth. Hospitals are crowded with victims of poisoning caused by locally made wine, toxic materials were added to it by mistake. Or this is what we’ve heard at the start until we saw the video that had spread on social websites, and then we understood what really had happened. “Libyan authorities” had officially declared hundreds of cases. We know for sure that they exceeded 1,100 cases, as for deaths, there are more than 100. Officially over fifty were declared. There are sever kidney failure cases, some of which were sent to Tunisia then returned to Libya cause medically they can’t be helped.   The Libyan street is at a boiling stage, all is kept under wrap by the media, hysterical mothers are knocking on all doors. I wish to talk of the hallucinatory drugs shipment that was confiscated and acknowledged officially by the Libyan authorities. It was aboard an Emirati airplane, from UAE. They said that there was another shipment as well which is over 50, which had changed course. There seems to be a plan to exterminate the Libyan youth. As for the video, it doesn’t surprise me, we have documented cases and medical reports of totally barbecued bodies, many of the detainees have been boiled.  

Question: As a human rights activist, and as a chairman of the World Gathering for Free and Democratic Libya, what have you done, or what will you do? We know that the Libyans are a quite conservative nation, doesn’t drink, authorities say that they’re following Islam traditions, how could this happen? People are drinking alcohol, how is it distributed or sold? Who allows this? How are the hallucinatory drugs coming, this is so strange?  

Fatima: the Libyan people had been conservative, in their social, religious or even political system, and I’ll say it straight, the moderate. I won’t deny there are exceptions, but it stays so, not a generality. As for whom you described as Islam abided authorities, it’s not right. They claim to be Muslims, but since the start of the “Libyan Revolution,” there had been Fatwas allowing the consumption of alcohol and hallucinatory drugs. They even allowed the raping of women who according to their beliefs are war trophies. This is what we saw, what all the Libyans saw, what the media had tried to keep under taps. Who are pretending to be Muslims are themselves allowing the murder of fellow Muslims.  

Question: Where are the Human Rights Organizations from this? Where is UNHRC from this? Where is Human Rights Watch who was so fiercely concerned for Libyans at the start of the crisis? Have you tried to contact them? Are you addressing NGOs?  

Fatima: I am addressing them now through your forum. I ask the whole world who seemed to have cared a lot concerning Libya. Where is the UN, or its Security Council who have claimed they’ll spare nothing to protect Libyans’ human rights? What’s happening now is a first in the Libyan or human history, allowing of the consumption of human meat even through wine. This is what’s happening daily and all are silent. Whole cities had been exterminated, wars were launched on cities inside the state, slaughtering of kids in cold blood, while the whole world watches. The “Libyan government” or the General National Congress has tens of thousands of detainees. I hold them responsible because to the world they claim to be an authority or a Libyan government.   What you saw in this video is endangering every detainee they have; they’ve raped hundreds of Libyan women. Libyan prisons aren’t void of women, even though there are no policewomen or female security personnel. There are gangs who are raping women, who are breaking into homes and taking women at the dead of the night. Some women had been missing without any word on their destiny for over a year.   We call upon the world, where are you from what’s happening in Libya, where’s the humanity from this, where are the human rights?

Care for a Sip of a Libyan Made Wine?

Arab "Spring" Found
Arab ‘Spring’ Found

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