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Lebanese Security Dismantle 17 Israeli Spying Networks, Arrest Dozens

Lebanese Internal Security Forces ISF dismantle 17 Israeli Mossad spying networks قوى اﻷمن الداخلي اللبناني فرع المعلومات يفكك 17 خلية تجسس اسرائيلية

The Lebanese security dismantled a large number of spying networks working for the Israeli Mossad in different cities and towns in Lebanon, the operation included arresting over 30 individuals many of whom were not aware they working for Israel.

Seventeen networks and counting, the Lebanese Internal Security ISF confirmed the operation is still ongoing after the initial disclosure of the discovery of large isolated networks, some of the networks comprised of one spy, and other networks had multiple members, the targets were the Lebanese Resistance Hezb Allah, the Palestinian Resistance, and one of the spies arrested was in Syria.

This is the largest security operation carried out by the Lebanese security in over a decade, the country is devastated by an inhumane siege and a blockade imposed on it by the USA and the Gulfies spearheaded by the Saudis, this did not hinder the patriotic members of the ISF from cooperating with the Lebanese Hezb Allah, and the Syrian authorities to uncover these networks of spies. The operation took so far 5 weeks of investigations until the final sweep arrests. The ISF thought at first the networks were connected.

This security operation also comes as a major blow to the efforts by the USA and the Saudis in shifting the mood of the Lebanese people to accept Israel as a normal country in the region defying all reasoning, logic, geography, history, and humanity. It proves that the billions of US dollars and Saudi Riyals spent to woo away the Lebanese from the resistance movement and the Resistance Axis (Syria, Iran, Iraqi PMU, Palestinian liberation factions, Yemen, and Hezb Allah), all the billions were wasted.

Lebanon’s, like Syria’s only crime, is neighboring Palestine which was selected by the European colonial powers to force-export their unwanted poorer Jews to from their continent in order to serve many of their evil goals, one of which is to prevent an Arab unity across West Asia, the Arabian Peninsula, and North Africa, another was to keep control on the ancient trade routes, among other reasons not one of them has a shred of humanity in it.

A number of those arrested weren’t aware who their real employers were, most of them thought they were working for international humanitarian and survey organizations, and those who knew they were spying for the enemy have been referred to the public prosecution for trial.

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  1. Roy A Booher

    What a shame! Except for Syrians, Yemeni, Russians, Cubans, Venezuelans and many such others; I don’t think that God gives a damn about all the dog poop in this world that calls itself, ‘human’ our FBI, CIA, etcetera, etcetera are only 1/3 Americans, all the rest are foreign spies; so this weekend when they all start killing each other, over only God knows what; God will be there watching and killing the killers right along with them..

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