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Lebanese Army Denies Evacuating Sites on the Borders with Syria

Mar 16, 2013

BEIRUT, (SANA) – The Lebanese Army refuted allegations that it evacuated sites and centers on the Lebanese-Syrian borders, affirming that its forces are carrying out their tasks there as usual.

The Lebanese Army Command issued a statement on Saturday saying that one of the local media outlets reported that the Army evacuated some of its centers on the eastern borders from al-Qa’a up to Qusaya, which is why the Command refutes this report part and parcel and affirms that it’s carrying out its tasks of maintaining security and stability and protecting soldiers along the entirety of the Lebanese-Syrian borders.
The statement added that the forces present in the border areas were increased recently.

The Lebanese Army Command called on mass media outlets to be accurate and objective in reporting about the army and to inquire from the army itself in order to receive the full facts.

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1 Comment

  1. Mark D'Viglio

    Everything the Lebanese military said in that press release was lies. How can thousands of terrorists, with thousands of tons of heavy military equipment freely cross the border into Syria. The terrorists at being trained in Lebanon.


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