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UN: Abducted UNDOF Observers Released

Mar 09, 2013

DAMASCUS, (SANA)_ Head of the UN Envoy’s Office in Syria Mokhtar Lamani said that the UN Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) observers who were kidnapped days ago were released, indicating that they arrived ”safe and sound” in Jordan after long and arduous negotiations.
In a statement to journalists in Sheraton Hotel in Damascus on Saturday, Lamani said “I’d like to thank the Syrian Arab army who was very cooperative,” adding “the negotiations with the kidnappers were intended to secure the observers’ release through a road 500 meters away north of al-Jamlah village so that they could use their cars driving back.

“We were surprised by a very urgent demand from the kidnappers that the team waiting for them should go for them, and there were long negotiations about this specific issue before they asked to wait for an hour while they negotiate amongst themselves, until we were surprised by their arrival in Jordan.”
He stressed that the kidnapping operation is unacceptable that the UN Security Council issued a strong-worded statement denouncing the detention.
”The UNDOF observers have been on a mission since 1974 and were doing their daily run before they were stopped and abducted, which is unacceptable,” Lamani said.

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