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kilicdaroglo erdogan governments policies against syria are dangerous and a failure

Mar 08, 2013

ANKARA, (SANA) – Leader of the opposing Turkish Republican People’s Party Kemal Kilicdaroglo affirmed that the policies of Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government against Syria are dangerous and a failure, noting that Erdogan himself admitted to their failure.

In a statement on Friday, Kilicdaroglo said that Erdogan’s recent acknowledgment of this failure when he accused the world and his western allies of not caring about the crisis in Syria, recalling Erdogan’s previous statements in which he boasted that he can do whatever he wants in the Middle East and the Islamic world.
He added that no-one in the Middle East respects Turkey and its opinions anymore due to the policies of Erdogan’s government regarding Syria, affirming that the Republican People’s Party seeks to return Turkish-Syrian relations to normal.

Kilicdaroglo said that the recent visit of MPs from his party to Syria aims at restoring Turkey’s true voice and repairing its reputation, replying to Erdogan’s criticism of the visit by saying that the latter seems not to understand or realize facts.

He asserted that the Republican People’s Party is in touch with President al-Assad and the Syrian opposition because its goal is ending violence and realizing peace and stability in Syria.

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