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Jaafari Calls to End Sanctions Hindering COVID Containment; Trump Sends More Troops to Syria

ambassador jaafari addressing unsc about sanctions hindering covid 19 containment

H.E. Bashar al Jaafari addressed a UN internet meeting on 10 April, again calling for the removal of western criminal economic coercive measures (‘sanctions‘) which continue to hinder the containment of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Countries that are member states of the United Nations pledged to follow its Charter. The Charter requires a Security Council Resolution for sanctions to be imposed. As such, the draconian economic terrorism inflicted by NATO countries against countries the P3 wish to destroy, such as Syria, are breaches of the UN Charter.

Source: Click Here
Source: Click Here

In response, the multi-tasking POTUS Trump — while continuing his daily COVID-19 body bag counts — ignored his own shelter in place to prevent the spread of the virus — and deployed another group of American illegals into the S.A.R. one day later.

The Trump regime military occupation forces continued the breach of International Law, again invading with a new round of “tens of vehicles loaded with military” and logistical equipment for his criminal bases in Hasaka countryside. A 35 vehicle convoy of the American illegals later took off from the illegal base, headed south along the Syrian road which connects Hasaka and Deir Ezzor, near to the illicit bases occupying Syrian oil fields.

There have been no reports of the Trump regime American illegals recently in Ras al-Ayn, currently occupied by the various factions of Madman Erdogan’s mercenaries who continue to engage in fratricidal fighting for the homes and properties stolen from Syrian civilians (unfortunately, there have been no further reports of fragging among the Erdogan regime terrorists, since late March.)

These are the most recent COVID-19 stats from Syria. We emphasize that these statistics are only from the areas of Syria that Syria controls. Syria cannot test areas under al Qaeda occupation, under the criminal Trump regime occupation, nor under the Madman Erdogan (whose war crimes against Syria Trump has supported since Erdogan’s occupation of Jarabulus, Syria, in January 2017).

The country of Turkey is reported as having the most virulent contagion of COVID-19. The pandemic that has shut down the US economy, throwing millions out of work, has resulted in various local governments announcing law enforcement will back off on arresting criminals in order to protect police from COVID-19 but has taken to brutalizing civilians not wearing masks, continues to look grim. The US military statistics are also climbing. Yet these two countries will not go home, and shelter in place. Instead, the US and Turkey seem determined to spread their pathogens in Syria.

Ambassador Jaafari’s call for the removal of illicit ‘sanctions’ against Syria, and against all countries under criminal economic strangulation, is not merely humanitarian; it is in the best interest of humanity.

Miri Wood

Of note: His Excellency Jaafari has been in an enforced sheltering in place since early 2014, when the Obama regime restricted his movements to a 25 mile/40 kilometer radius from the UN, in order to sabotage the Syrian ambassador’s successful Town Hall Meetings throughout the US. The Trump regime has continued this travesty.

From Philly, the City of Brotherly Love:

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