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israeli newspaper haaretz hacked or was the key left out

Most would have read or heard by now that the Syrian Electronic Army hacked the emails of employees from the Israeli Newspaper Haaretz, in retaliation for the unprovoked Air Strikes on a Scientific Research Centre Last week by the Israeli Air Force, which killed two people and seriously injured seven.
The following is the Article published by Haaretz announcing the hacking, and the method used to infiltrate their emails by the Syrian Electronic Army, who impersonating a known publisher sent employees of Haaretz a “link” to click on. then enter their password, giving the SEA the key which opened the “door” for the SEA (Syrian Electronic Army) to break in and take sensitive and confidential information such as “Chat Logs”, Emails, Scanned documents, etc.
Not taking away any ingenuity from the expert skills of the SEA, but given that the Israeli Government had put the country on “High Alert”, after it had provoked retaliations from Syria, the Israeli Government warned its people to expect different forms of retaliation and attack on all levels from Syria, therefore was it that easy to lure the employees into the “trap”, or are the employees of Haaretz who have been accused of being “peace loving”, and who have alslo referred to themselves as the”good newspaper”at the end of this article, helping fight their “war loving” Zionist Government…JA
Syria strikes back? Hackers break into Haaretz emails, threaten more attacks 
Hacker group Syrian Electronic Army breaks into newspaper employees’ emails by impersonating publisher Amos Schocken in an email. Readers’ information was not compromised…

– The above information were posted by real Syrian activists from Syria & around the world, not by western intelligent post offices duped activists.

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