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Israel Supports Armed Jihadists in Syria


Israel has once again shown its true colours and the Israeli military has finally set up a so-called “military field hospital” in the illegally occupied area of the Golan Heights in order to treat the wounded armed Islamists and militants who are fighting against the secular government in Syria.

Although the Israeli leadership is aware of the fact that the majority of these militants in Syria are not only foreigners from other countries but also partly radical Islamists, it seems that they do not care about these threats anymore and who knows, maybe there is even a deal between the Israeli leadership and the Muslim Brotherhood and other radical groups like the al-Nusra Front, which is nothing else than al Qaeda.

According to Press TV and other reports (e.g. AFP), the Israeli leadership has already confirmed that the Israeli military has built an hospital for the terrorists in Syria at the military outpost 105, which is located in the illegally occupied Syrian territories.

Israel has built this field hospital in the Golan Heights in order to treat the Islamists and foreign-backed terrorists who are fighting in Syria and carrying out many terrorist attacks and a lot of other acts, which do violate humanity.

So these Jihadists and terrorists receive help by the Israeli leadership and even by the Israeli military. They are being treated if they were wounded in their fights against the Syrian Arab army (SAA) and who knows what else they do receive in this “field hospital” at the military outpost 105 in Golan.

This is not the first time that the Israeli leadership helps these radical people when they got injured. Last months, about 11 terrorists who fought in Syria were treated in a hospital in northern Israel. It is said that at least eight of these Jihadists returned to Syria in order to continue their fight against the secular Syrian government afterwards.

The other three militants remained in the hospital in northern Israel for further treatment and they probably return to Syria afterwards, too. Of course, they will return with the help of the Israeli government and army.

According to Press TV, two other radical militants, who were seriously wounded in Syria, were brought from Syria to a hospital in Israel on Wednesday. Of course, once again with the help of the Israeli army and government. One of the two militants who were wounded in Syria died later, while the other Islamist is still in critical conditions.

These partly confirmed reports is enough evidence to say that Israel supports the armed Jihadists and militants in Syria in their fight against the Syrian President al-Assad and the government in Damascus. As already said, it seems that the Muslim Brotherhood, Israel, America and some other European governments have made some deals on and about Syria.

Although, it is sure not to understand for a lot of Israeli citizens that their government supports the radical Islamists due to the problem that these Jihadists will later become (for sure) a threat for Israel because it is hardly to believe that this side and the corrupt Muslim Brotherhood will stick to details of such a deal – the US administration has already some bad experiences with the behaviour of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt after such deals were implemented some years ago.

But it seems that the administrations of Israel and the United States do not learn from failures or just do not care.

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