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Israel Prefers Al-Qaeda Over Syria’s al-Assad

KSA Israel Terror Sponsoring

Israeli envoy: Tel Aviv prefers Al-Qaeda groups rather than Iranian-backed groups.

The Israeli envoy to the United States, Michael Oren, confirmed in a new statement that the Israeli regime in Tel Aviv fears the alliance of Syria, Iran, and Lebanon, and the Israeli Ambassador even confirmed that Tel Aviv prefers al-Qaeda jihadists rather than the secular government of Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus. Although not Syria has recently attacked Israel, but the Israeli regime has conducted at least three airstrikes on Syria in 2013.

The Israeli Ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, also said in his new statements that the alliance of Syria, Iran, and Lebanon would pose the greatest danger to Tel Aviv and that the regime in Israel prefers Al-Qaeda linked groups rather than groups that are supported by the Iranian administration. However, not the alliance of Iran, Syria, and Lebanon has carried out attacks on Israel, but the Israeli regime has conducted airstrikes on targets in Syria – at least three airstrikes in 2013, which all have violated international law and were acts of aggression.

But it seems that the alliance of Iran, Syria, and Lebanon, the so-called “Resistance Axis”, remains the main enemy of the Israeli regime in Tel Aviv and the rest simply doesn`t matter. Further, the statements by the Israeli envoy to the United States confirm that Israel rather supports the terrorist organization of Al-Qaeda than a secular government in the Middle East. Although Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad has never attacked Israel, the regime in Tel Aviv wants rather Al-Qaeda in power in Syria and the overthrow of the secular-minded President. And this, although Al-Qaeda should afterwards become a serious threat for Israel. In a normal world and in the case that the common information and propaganda about Al-Qaeda is correct.

Therefore, it is easy to assume that Israel backs the armed terrorist groups in Syria and even supports the Syrian al-Qaeda offshoots such as the al-Nusra Front (Jabhat al-Nusra) in order to topple the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his government in the capital, Damascus. Further, the regime in Tel Aviv wants to weaken the axis of resistance in the Middle East by supporting the terrorist groups and armed jihadists fighting in Syria. Not to mention that the Saudi regime also supports the Al-Qaeda-affiliated groups in Syria and that this is less surprising as the support for Al-Qaeda-linked terrorists by the Israeli regime.

In addition, it is already confirmed that the totalitarian dictatorship in Saudi Arabia is a lackey of the Zionist regime in Israel and that both are in bed with the leadership of the United States. However, the Syrian-Iran-Lebanon alliance is certainly a threat for Israel because the alliance of resistance, including the resistance movement Hezbollah and other resistance groups in the region, have the power to destroy the occupation regime of Israel.

In case, it would come to such a dangerous situation of a new war in the Middle East. The first victim would certainly be Israel of such a new war by Western-led military forces (e.g. by the United States) against an Arab country in the Middle East. There are certainly several persons on both sides who are waiting for such a moment. However, no war is good and every war has to be prevented.

Israel’s Ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, also explained in his statement that Israel always wanted “the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to go” and this has been the “initial message (by Israel) about the Syria issue.” According to the statements by the envoy of the Israeli regime to Washington, Tel Aviv was always willing to see the overthrow of Syria’s Bashar al-Assad and his government before the beginning of the conflict and armed terrorism in March 2011. Primarily, because the overthrow of Bashar al-Assad and the government in Damascus certainly weakens the axis of resistance against Israel in the Middle East.

While some might consider it as somehow schizophrenic or even dangerous that Israeli rather supports and prefers al-Qaeda terrorists and jihadists than the mainly secular government of al-Assad in Damascus, it seems such a logic is valid for Michael Oren and the Israeli regime in Tel Aviv. However, as mentioned, it is to expect that in the case the Syrian al-Qaeda branch would overthrow the Syrian governance and President al-Assad, these armed terrorists would probably start to hate Israel again – despite the current support by the Israeli regime for their armed fighting against the Syrian Army and government.

KSA Israel Terror Sponsoring
KSA Israel Terror Sponsoring

Of course, the Israeli Ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, has no shy to mention the real reasons for the support of Al-Qaeda in Syria. On the one hand, it weakens the axis of resistance and thus, the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah and also the Iranian administration in Tehran. On the other hand, a weak Syria would pose no threat for Israel and has no more abilities to support the axis of resistance or the Palestinians in the occupied areas. Israel would have an easier life and would be able to expand its territory even further and more easily.

The envoy of the Israeli regime to Washington said that “greatest danger to Israel is by the strategic arc that extends from Tehran, to Damascus to Beirut. And we saw the Assad regime as the keystone in that arc.” However, this is partly propaganda. On the one hand the usual propaganda by Israel and on the other hand a useful propaganda for the government in Syria, which supports the resistance against the Israeli regime but the phrase about “Syria being the keystone” is questionable. As said, Israel has attacked Syria, not vice versa. There is so much talking every day. The deeds show the true colours, not the words of any of those sides.

As mentioned in another article (see here), the Israel’s hostility toward Syria and Lebanon has increased in recent months. Not vice versa, although probably due to the reason that e.g. Syria has no more capabilities to really support the axis of resistance or to carry out any acts against the Israeli regime in Tel Aviv.

Syria has been successfully weakened, but to which is extent is still questionable and it hopefully has never to be shown. However, while the Israeli envoy talks about the reasons why the regime in Tel Aviv prefers to support Al-Qaeda operatives rather than the secular government in Damascus or Iranian-backed groups, it is questionable if the members of the regime in Tel Aviv really consider all possible consequences of its support of Al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorists in Syria just for the reason that they are not “Iran”.

At least, one thing might be funny about the statements of the Israeli envoy. They really fear the axis of resistance and are still afraid of Syria. However, the propaganda is not quite correct by the Israeli Ambassador to the United States. As documents prove, there were several meetings and debates between Israel and Syria in recent years and especially when Bashar al-Assad came to power in Syria.

According to several information and documents, Syria’s President was never interested in a war on Israel. In contrary, he wanted to resolve several problems, but the Israeli regime has hampered or even dumped every attempt by al-Assad. Israel really is notoriously hostile, fearful, and a liar. Not to mention all its crimes against humanity since the establishment of the little state of Israel.

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  1. Arklight

    I think that Israel has been keeping bad company for too long. To know the essence of a person, or a people, see who their friends are; it’s a dead giveaway.

  2. SanMan

    Why would Israel would rather have alqadea installed then Assad.
    Why are our western leaders hellbent on supporting the alqaeda backed rebels, the same group that actually actively attacked us on several occasions rather than assad who never has.
    Its not hard to realize that our leaders are not working for us the tax payers but instead working for AIPAC and Israel, they dont call it ZOG for nothing.

  3. SanMan

    Ever noticed that alqaeda and israel have been working hand and glove. On 911 we had the dancing israelis — another succesful op.

    Now of course we have mossad no wait al-qaeda backed “rebels” trying to overthrow assad, because hes supplying weapons to hezzbolough. And our politicans of course would rather support al-qaeda backed terrorists rather than assad who never has attacked us.

    i am furious about the whole thing myself, and will do what i can commenting in the peanut gallery for what thats worth.

  4. SanMan

    Once you realize mossad is alqaeda, the rest is cake.

    Look back to the USS liberty, what did the Israelis do back then, they bombed it and tried to blame it on the egyptians (to get a war going between egypt and the US). Hoho that didnt work, but they did realize that they needed a third party one that they could get to act as a useful idiot to get them what they wanted. 911 and now in syria the chemical weapon false flag. It becomes easy once you understand who it is you are dealing with.


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