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ISIS and US Massacres 180 Civilians in Iraq and Syria Fleeing Death

More than 30 civilians killed by US coalition fleeing Raqqa by boats

Three massacres in  Iraq and Syria have gone unreported by msm, despite nearly 200 civilians being slaughtered, 5 June 2017.

Bombings in al Shifaa and Zinijilie districts of Mosul snuffed out the lives of 150 Iraqi civilians attempting to flee ISIS in that region.  ISIS claimed responsibility for these massacres, though a weary source suggested “it could be MI6 retaliation for the MI5 bombing in UK.”

150 Civilians Killed by ISIS West of Mosul
150 Civilians Killed by ISIS West of Mosul

The Trump regime planes bombed Syrian boats on the Euphrates, massacring 30 civilians — mostly women and their children — attempting to flee ISIS in Raqqa, a city of 800,000 held captive by 3,000 terrorists.

Trump’s massacres of civilians fleeing ISIS in Syria reinforce recent reports that the US foreign mercenary militia HSD has made an anti-Syria geographical agreement with ISIS.


US ISIS Cooperation
US ISIS Cooperation


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