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Iraqi Air Force Target ISIS Commanders inside Syria

Iraqi Air Force

Just after a day of the agreement between the Syrian and Iraqi leadership on allowing each force to chase terrorists inside the territories of the other without prior coordinating, the Iraqi air force carried out their first attack.

The attack within the Syrian territories in the Sousseh area targeted and terminated a meeting den for terrorists. Iraqi command center confirmed that 30 ISIS ‘important commanders’ were attending the meeting.

After the US’s declaration of withdrawal, the terrorists have no more protection and the Syrian and Iraqi leadership are determined to finish off the world’s filthiest filth anti-Islamic Wahhabi suicide terrorists.

Previous coordination between Syria and Iraq were conducted through the Baghdad Center, which includes in addition to the Syrian Arab Army and Iraqi Army officers, officers from Iran and Russia. They coordinate their military operations throughout both countries and around.

Chasing terrorists within the other country’s land needed prior approval before the latest agreement which was concluded with a visit by Iraqi’s security advisor Faleh Fayyadh, the convoy of Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi to President Bashar al-Assad.

Mr. Fayyadh, who had great contributions in the battles against ISIS and the PMU forces, returned to his duties with full compensations since the former US’s favorite Iraqi PM Haidar Abbadi fired him.

Trump should follow on his promise to remove his troops from Syria, and remove this last protection ISIS, and other terrorist groups enjoyed, until now. Don’t take our words for it, ask John Kerry who saw ISIS created and growing and wanted to use them against the Syrian government.

The US and its led-coalition has acted as ISIS’s air force, just like Israel, throughout the past years since this terrorist organization came to existence, no thanks to the Obama regime. An interview with a former top Jihadi commander and aid to al-Qaeda’s Zawahri explains much of the US role in creating these terrorist organizations, nurturing them then come in to bomb the cannon fodders after extracting their commanders. Check the interview here:

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