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Deir Ezzor Honors 100 Families of SAA Martyrs on Christmas

Arab Culture Center in Der Ezzor Honors Families of SAA Martyrs

The Arabian Cultural Center in Der Ezzor and the Iranian Culture Center have organized an event to honor one hundred families of martyrs from the Syrian Arab Army and its allied forces.

Head of the Arab Cultural Center in Der Ezzor Ahmad al-Ali explained that the event is to honor the martyrs and appreciate their sacrifices.

Video also available on Dtube:, and on Flickr:

Deputy Head of the Iranian Cultural Center Amir al-Hussein added that this event is to honor those who sacrificed their lives and blood for pride, dignity and for their homeland Syria.

Your soul is in the highest heavens, and your empty place here on Earth is filled with blood’.

A martyr’s young child during the event delivered a poem for addressing her father’s soul

The father of martyr Ahmad Hawash al-Nasser emphasized how much he is proud of his son’s martyrdom, and of all the martyrs and everyone who defended Syria.

‘We thank God his Almighty, we are not sad, we are proud of all the martyrs, especially my son.’

Gifts were handed to the children of the martyrs by Santa Claus during the event.

The Iranian people send joy and hope and help aid the Syrian people in fighting terror, while Syria’s Arab brethren and all neighbors have only sent death and horror to Syria.

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