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US-Led Coalition in Syria and Iraq Slaughtered 1140 Civilians

US-Led Coalition Use Internationally Banned White Phosphorous in its Crimes Against Humanity in Syria and Iraq جرائم التحالف الدولي بقيادة الولايات المتحدة ضد داعش في سوريا والعراق

We have reported a number of the massacres the US-led coalition committed against civilians in Syria, and the horrible toll of the victims, not many believed.

Now, the illegal coalition itself confessed in a statement that its forces have massacred at least 1,139 civilians in Syria and Iraq in its unauthorized operations since August 2014.

The USA and its cronies and a number of regional and international stooges created a coalition of destruction outside the United Nations, against the will of the United Nations Security Council, without coordinating with the targeted countries Syria and Iraq, and for the sole purpose of profiteering from weapons sales and extortion of resources.

US-led Coalition Bomb Civilians in Raqqa

Raqqa in Syria and Mosul in Iraq are clear evidence of the barbarian criminality of this coalition and its member states. Both cities were leveled to the ground by indiscriminate bombing.

About 40,000 are the numbers of estimated bodies still under rubble until now in the city of Mosul in Iraq, the Iraqi civil defense is working day and night to extract them from there and bury them in mass graves. They do include bodies of an unknown number of ISIS terrorists, but the majority are of civilians.

Criminals from the US-Led Coalition in Syria and Iraq مجرمون من التحالف الدولي بقيادة الولايات المتحدة في سوريا والعراق
Criminals from the US-Led Coalition in Syria and Iraq

Southeast of Der Ezzor province systematically targeted by indiscriminate bombing, using international banned White Phosphorus in a number of documented cases. The infrastructure is devastated beyond restore.

On the other side, the war on terrorists fought by the Syrian Arab Army and its allies have left very few civilian casualties caught in crossfires, and the infrastructure is almost intact.

When the Western countries accuse the SAA of any alleged crime they instantly call for an international investigation which they would select the members of the investigators and the chain of custody of evidence, and in cases, they punished the Syria people, the victims, for crimes committed by the terrorists and without any investigation.

Assigning a serial killer to investigate himself for his own crimes, the US-led coalition has come up with this ironic invention of committing the crimes, and investigating it themselves, then acquitting themselves from it…!

We’ve seen how the US and its Western puppets called on the Saudi regime to investigate the horrific massacres it committed in Yemen and then thanked the Saudis for their agreeing to reduce the number of civilian casualties in their crimes…!

This coalition mentioned in its statement that it has investigated 194 incidents of slaughtering civilians in last November and has classified 20 incidents as untrustworthy, while confirmed only 3 incidents that resulted in the deaths of 15 civilians, contrary to all figures published by locals.

Syria has constantly reported to the United Nations the crimes against humanity committed by this illegal coalition, this is what it can do for now.

The coalition member states can think they got away with their crimes against humanity, but be certain that each blood drop of an innocent civilian slaughtered in Syria during this ‘War Of Terror’ waged by the US and its coalition is cursing each citizen of the countries involved, especially the taxpayers there.

Each eye tear by a child who lost its family, or parents who lost their children will continue to curse each citizen of each of those countries in that illegal coalition forever, as they have selected their leaders who in turn committed these crimes with their tax money and their approval.

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