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Information Minister: Some Opposition Forces Abroad are Still Far from Dialogue

Minister of Information, Omran al-Zoubi, stressed on Sunday that Syria is earnestly ready for dialogue with all opposition forces inside and abroad, even the armed men who lay down their arms and discard violence, however this commitment demands another commitment under the title of “going to a Syrian-Syrian national dialogue with no foreign agendas or preconditions.”

In an interview with al-Alam TV channel, al-Zoubi said that in case the other commitment was available, a genuine political process will be started, and the outcome of dialogue will control the future of Syria.

The Minister added that “We have not heard about any imitative from any opposition forces abroad until now concerning dialogue. They oppose the idea of dialogue with the Syrian Government. Therefore, the political speech of some opposition figure abroad is valueless and meaningless as they do not take into consideration the political changes on the ground.”

He noted that the political solution to the crisis in Syria is the only way for the Syrians’ victory regardless of their various political views, asserting that the Syrian leadership has launched this solution through the political program.

The Information Minister said that the governmental committee which is tasked with implementing the political program has offered guarantees to the opposition figures abroad who want to participate in a national political dialogue.

He pointed out that some opposition forces abroad do not want to be convinced that the tools they are using have failed, and they consider their tools as “honorable heritage” or “struggle that should not be forgotten.”

The Minister stressed that the Syrian-Russian relations are firm and deep-rooted, adding that Russia is a friendly country whose stance is clear and honest concerning the events in Syria.

He noted that Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Walid al-Moallem, visits Moscow every now and then within the framework of political coordination with the Russian leadership and within the framework of working to implement the political program for solution.

Minister al-Zoubi added that the US refrain to condemn the terrorist bombing in Damascus and prevent the UN Security Council from condemning it stresses that the US administration is viewing terrorism with double standards.

He said that change in Syria is a Syrian decision and cannot be achieved except by a democratic political process.

He noted that the Saudi and Qatari stances are not identical towards Syria and the region, adding that their stances contradict the pan-Arab and the Islamic interests.

“There is no communication channel with the Saudis. The Turkish government is involved in all aspects of the events in Syria, in the political, security, military, terrorist and economic aspects. The stolen items from Syria were stolen under the sight and knowledge of the Turkish government, which facilitated and coordinated stealing billions worth items from Syria,” he said.

Al-Zoubi stressed that the Syrian Foreign Ministry is submitting documents and facts to UN bodies that affirm the involvement of the Turkish government in the crisis in Syria.

“The Syrian-Iranian relationship is deep-rooted and original. It is hard for any side to undermine it. The reports on members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards fighting in Syria are part of a plot by the countries which are conspiring against Syria as to use it as a pretext to send foreign fighters to Syria,” he said.
On the reports alleging that there are Hezbollah fighters in Syria, al-Zoubi stressed that the Syrian army is in no need for any kind of help, whether in men, equipment or weapons.

He noted that there are Lebanese political forces that are directly involved in channeling gunmen and weapons into Syria, adding that these forces are in connection with the armed terrorist groups in the country.

On the terrorists who were admitted to Israeli hospitals, al-Zoubi said that “This incident needs no explanation, the Israeli occupation and the armed groups have been coordinating for a long time.”

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