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Imperialists Heading for the Abyss

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“If you look into the Abbyss long enough, the Abbyss then will look back into you.”
Friedrich Nietzsche


I. As their proxies fail, the warmongering imperialists deploy troops for warfare

And now – the Germans… Yesterday reports did appear on the internet, stating that Germany deployed the special-ops-team “KSK” (similar to the british SAS) to Syria. It is said that these teams shall help the US-supported kurdish “SDF”-militia fighting ISIS in northern Syria.

This news (although not officially confirmed yet) comes at a time when the world watches the Western imperialistic nations, USA ahead, followed by the UK, France, Turkey and now Germany sending troops into Syria. The USA started the run by sending some troops to northeast Syria where they annexed an airfield and built a runway capable for huge transportation planes and bombers. Then, in spring, we were told that Obama would send in 250 “additional” troops for supporting the Kurds fighting against ISIS. Recently we witnessed the French and British to bring in their troops as well, with the French even buildig a military post in Aleppo. The Turks also massed their troops in Aleppo, joining the savages of al-Qaeda (Jabhat al-Nusra, FSA, name them as you like), delivering pictures of heartbreaking moments of Turkish soldiers meeting with their buddies of al-Qaeda in Aleppo. Really, the West seems to be unwilling to let Assad liberate his land…

Although the German mainstream-media does blackout the event of German troops entering the battlefield, we already know the official line delivered by Western poiticians like Obama. The aim of all this, as we are being told by these politicians and the propaganda mouthpieces (media), is to ‘fighting ISIS.

II. Fighting ISIS inside Syia? Oh, hold on just a minute.

First of all: Is there any valid authorization for foeign troops getting into Syria?

  • Did the US, UK, France, Turkey and Germany receive invitations from the legitimate government in Damascus? Did Assad open the gates?
  • Did the US, UK, France, Turkey and Germany offer any cooperation and support for the Syrian government, which the Syrian government officially agreed to?
  • Is there any UN-Security Council-resolution to allow the US, UK, France, Turkey and Germany to deploy their troops to Syria with the approval of the legitimate Syrian government?

The obvious answer to these questions is: No.

The deployment of troops to Syria by the US, UK, France, Turkey and Germany is illegal. Sending troops to Syria without the permission of the legitimate government in Damascus is violating the International Law and a blatant act of aggression against the sovereign nation of Syria. It is an act of war. What we see, in fact, is an INVASION. No doubt about that!

Second: Who claims to be ‘fighting ISIS’? Aren’t these nations the real creators, funders, supporters of terrorism in Syria, used as a tool to destabilize and take over the country?

  • Wasn’t it Germany’s FM who, in May 2011, authorised an interview with the press-service of his own ministry, stating that Germany was “supporting the opposition” even though “we do not know who they are”?
  • Wasn’t it British SAS-snipers shooting at civilians and unarmed policemen in Dara’a, attempting to start the Western-staged “civil war”?
  • Wasn’t it the EU and USA who created terror-groups like the “FSA” and labelled them “freedom-fighters”, “moderate “rebels” or just “the armed opposition”, whilst the real political oppopsition figures and groups inside Syria are totally ignored?
  • Wasn’t it the USA who officially stated that the amount of taxpayers money spent on their proxies in Syria for gaining regime-change had reached the amount of USD 1 Billion in September 2013?
  • Wasn’t it Germany who donated 405 Million Euros to the so-called “FSA”, the armed branch of what the German government claims to be the “sole and only representation of the Syrian people” without ever having asked any single Syrian for approval? At that time the “FSA” already had officially merged with the Saudi-backed “Jabhat al-Nusra or “al-Qaeda in Syria”. Doesn’t this mean the German government shipped taxpayers money to al-Qaeda?
  • Wasn’t it the USA who, in 2012, trained and armed ISIS in a newly built camp in Jordan? Don’t we all remember the reports in US-mainstream media about US-special forces “training Syrian rebels”?
  • Don’t we remember it was Turkey who looted Aleppo, stealing more than 1,000 factories, fabrication plants, and brought them to Turkey?
  • Aren’t we aware that Turkey in fact is a hub for terrorist from all over the world joining the ranks of the terrorist brigades, receiving their salary, arms and orders, and then are being sent into Syria?
  • Don’t we know that all over Turkey there are recruiting offices for ISIS, even at mosques?
  • Did we forget the pictures of ISIS-fighters chatting and joking with Turkish soldiers at the Syrian-Turkish border? Haven’t we seen the recent reports about ISIS operating at the border, digging trenches, with Turkish soldiers and border police ignoring them?
  • Don’t we remember the massive Turkish shelling of Syrian villages and cities in Idleb and Aleppo in support of the offensive of their ISIS- and al-Qaeda-buddies?
  • Did we forget that it was US-general Petraeus who, in 2015,  stated he did help creating ISIS and he still considers ISIS as being supportive to the US-goals?
  • Don’t we recall the reports about US- and british airforce planes dropping weapons and aid on ISIS in Iraq – whilst the US-airforce bombed positions of the Iraqi Army? What about the CIA-agents onboard a captured US plane who said they were ordered to deliver weapons to ISIS?
  • Isn’t it Germany who is funding ISIS by buying oil ISIS stole from Syria and Iraq?
  • Wasn’t it Germany who imposed pressure on the EU to make the EU lift the sanctions for the “rebels” to sell the stolen Syrian oil and other assets to the EU?
  • Isn’t it the EU and USA who still allow those banks used by ISIS to join the international SWIFT-system for secure financial transactions?
  • Wasn’t it the USA who, via Saudi-Arabia, gave sophisticated “TOW”-missiles to the so-called “moderate rebels” of al-Qaeda as well as to ISIS to take out the syrian T-55 and T-72 tanks?
  • Wasn’t it Germany who managed that ISIS got the very sophisticated German “MILAN”-missiles?
  • Wasn’t it the US who – ooops, we lost them! – delivered thousands of “Stinger”-missiles to ISIS, then claiming (via the brainwashing mainstream-media) it was ISIS who made them operational?
  • Wasn’t it the US who (via Turkey) gave the Sarin-gas used to kill innocent Syrian children to the so-called “moderate rebels” of al-Qaeda?
  • Wasn’t it the US who shipped tons of weapons from Libya to Syria, approved by Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton?
  • Wasn’t it the US who rescued their ISIS-assets from Ramadi, meaning the hundreds of ISIS-terrorists the US evacuated from the warzone and brought them to… Afghanistan and Libya?
  • Isn’t it Germany who sells arms to Saudi-Arabia, knowing these arms are to be used by Saudi-backed terrorists in Syria and Yemen?
  • Wasn’t it Germany, funded by German taxpayers money, who erected a fabrication plant near Riyadh where German Heckler und Koch (H+K) aussault-rifles are assembled?
  • Isn’t it Germany undermining the UN-“UNIFIL” mission (Lebanon) to support the arms flow to the Western proxies in Syria? If the German Navy allegedly controls the Mediterranian sea at the Lebanese shore, why did the terrorists in Syria receive tons of arms from Lebanon – until Hezbollah and Syrian Arab Army (SAA) secured the border?

If all this is not insane, what is insane?

The evidences are there. It is nothing but obvious that those Western powers who now invade Syria to ‘fight ISIS’, as they claim, are the very same powers who

  • have planned and staged the war on Syria,
  • have created, armed, instructed, trained, funded dozens of savage terroristic groups, all linked to al-Qaeda which is known to be a CIA-project,
  • are ongoing funding and arming their massmurdering proxies, including ISIS,
  • are attempting to kill any kind of peaceful solution to end the war, whilst blaiming the failure of this process on Assad,
  • are ongoingly creating new groups of “moderate rebels” to be sent to the battlefield, highly motivated by salaries in US-Dollar and armed with sophisticated US-made heavy weapons.

How come those nations who spent BILLIONS of US-Dollars and Euros on the terror in Syria now seriously claim to fight those monsters they made?

How come they tell us that the only way to fight what they made was to illegally invade Syria and support the terrorists?

We have to recognise: ALL actions of this “Coalition” of massmurdering terroristic psychopaths, led by the noble peace prize killer Obama, were and are illegal and pure violations of any basic law. This bunch of killers, liars, thieves now send their troops into Syria. OPENLY! “No boots on the ground”? Forget it! They do perform a massive military build-up in the region – for what reason? Fighting ISIS? How can the US, who can find water on mars but not find ISIS driving around with their US-paid Toyotas at bright daylight in the plain desert, seriously claim to fight ISIS when all facts prove the US IS ISIS – with US-fingerprints all over ISIS? And how can we, the consumers of manipulative media-outlets, be that stupid to believe this dreadful stuff?

If this was a movie script, Holywood would refuse it as far too exagerated, far too obvious. But! Hey, no! It is reality, with our dear massmurdering leaders running the show.


III. Madness and its outcome

This madness will lead to some very serious consequences.

The US-troops are supporting the terroistic kurdish “YPG”. The “YPG” is anti-Syrian, fighting against the legitimate Syrian Arab Army (SAA). The “YPG” is supportive to the terroistic “FSA” (which is just a brand name for collecting Western money and has officially merged with Jabhat al-Nusra aka al-Qaeda in Syria in early 2013). The Kurds obviously are aiming to conquer, occupy and annex Syrian land in the north, from the Aleppo-province to Hasaka in the northeastern region bordering Iraq. In Hasaka, the Kurds had been killing and expelling Assyrian Christians from their homes to take their land. The Assyrian Christians are living in this region since 2000 years. Obviously, the Kurdish terrorists of “YPG” are inspired by the NATO-designed “ethnical cleansing” of Kosovo and Bosnia and by the landtheft of the Zionists in occupied Palestine. The US seems to support this landtheft, like “Israel” does, to help creating a Kurdish state on Syrian soil as a basis for further incursions and and as a US-proxy for constant tensions with Syria and Iraq.

The Turkish army is operating inside Syria in line with her fellow al-Qaeda-buddies.

The only force that REALLY, proven by facts rather than tales, is effectively fighting ISIS is the heroic Syrian Arab Army (SAA) together with Hezbollah, NDF, the Iranian Pasdaran militias, Iraqi militias and the Russian army and air-force.

ALL other groups are illegally operating in Syria – including the US-“Coalition” with its ground troops, its proxies (al-Qaeda, ISIS and YPG) and its air forces bombing residential areas, hospitals, power plants, water-supply-units and positions of the Syrian Arab Army.

What might be about to come? I would like to lead your attention on the plain facts. We have to understand that the war against Syria is a part of  a global situation:

The USA and NATO are provoking war with Russia by deploying missile systems, tens of thousands of soldiers, heavy weapons, tanks, howitzers, fighter jets, nukes, right to the Russian border, performing attack-drills (“Anaconda”) and simulating the use of nukes, in the Baltic states, Poland and even in Ukraine.
The USA is provoking China to war with the constant violation of the Chinese sovereignity, threatening China for no reason other than China is willing to secure its borders and coastal lines against constant US-aggressions. And: China is willing to implement a currency as basis for international trade that is based on gold (that the US does not have) rather on the worthless US-Dollar. This is a severe threat to the US-policy hegemony, i.e. letting those nations pay the bill who export their goods to the USA. The USA and EU, these rotten vampires, are being put out of place by China and Russia, and this is inacceptable for the vampires, knowing they would no longer enjoy blood donated for free.

The USA is performing a heavy military build-up in Europe, the Mediterranian Sea, the Baltic Sea, the Black Sea and the South-China Sea. The USA and NATO are threatening Russia with war, which automatically will mean a thermonuclear worldwide war. The military head of NATO, US-general Breedlove, stated that the US is “ready” for war with Russia “in Europe”. A nuclear (sic!) war with Russia is “entirely possible” within the year, said Sir Richard Shirreff, NATO Deputy Supreme Allied Commander in Europe until 2014.

Does this sound peaceful to you?

Now, in Syria, the race goes for Raqqa.
What would happen when, at Raqqa, US-troops, joining ISIS as well as kurdish “YPG”, will shoot at Syrian Arab Army soldiers?

What would happen when, at Raqqa, US-troops securing their assets of ISIS, shoot down a Russian fighter jet on its mission to fight ISIS?

What would happen when, at Raqqa, Russians start to answer the US-shooting by finally shooting back?

Can we imagine the consequences emerging from this scenario? Do we really want to imagine the scenario?

What is likely to happen when US-Americans officially start to shoot at Russian soldiers? Or what if the US-pawns down Russian MIGs? Do we really await the Russians to sit down and sip tea, letting their soldiers die and their military goals melt away for nothing but just for not having a war that the US is desperatly attempting to provoke?

If you think about the consequeces the Western imperialistic policy does inherit, you should agree that it is high time to become prepared for the really big event.

As a German, as a human being, I am very sad and ashamed that my nation, run by a criminal gang of rotten Zionist agents, is joining the massacre, joining to kill and genocide and plunder. This does not happen in my name. I hope, Syria will accept my apology.

The author, born 1964, is a historian and political scientist.



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