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US & Allies Gift to Muslims in Ramadan: 2 Terrorist Explosions in Damascus Countryside

Terror Explosions at Sayyeda Zainab

Terrorist groups carry out 2 explosions in Sayyeda Zainab district in Damascus Countryside today morning killing and injuring a number of civilians in the dense neighborhood.

It seems the new advances of the Syrian Arab Army in Raqqa province against the main base of the US and Allies sponsored ISIS is not received well by the evil forces and decided to take revenge against the Muslim civilians fasting in the holy month of Ramadan in Damascus Countryside.

Early reports of 2 explosions carried out by suicide bombers one blowing up himself detonating a vest he was wearing at the entrance of Sayyeda Zainab from Ziyabieh side, and another by detonating a booby-trapped vehicle in Tien Street.

Casualties are still being counted. Sayyeda Zainab hosts what is believed to be the shrine of the granddaughter of Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him and is packed with resident buildings and shops. During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims gather near and at the shrine and the Mosque containing it for prayers throughout the day and to break their fast (Iftar) at sunset. Targeting this area is definitely a desperate attempt by radical Islamist regimes namely Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, where Wahhabism and its political wing the Muslim Brotherhood reign.

Since the early days of the Syrian Crisis, the evil powers behind the fake ‘Arab Spring’ were trying their best to instigate a strife among Muslim sects targeting all sects at the same time to cause a civil war, resorting to all heinous crimes and filthiest criminals. Syria, which might be the only country with the most diverse mosaic of religions and religious sects is fighting back these attempts with the heaviest price tolls on its people, its infrastructure and its economy as a whole. Syria’s enemies supported terror groups and branded them different names with Islamic banners to whitewash their crimes and to target Islam itself. They might have succeeded in other places but they have lost in Syria and will lose this battle eventually.

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