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Husni Mahalli Turkish Career Journalist Suffering in Erdogan Custody

image-Turkish Journalist & Political Analyst Hüsnü Mahalli Arrested

Husni Mahalli (Hüsnü Mahalli) was arrested last month in the ongoing war against media and rights in Erdoganstan (formerly known as Turkey), he’s a career journalist, an expert on Middle East and Arab-Turkish relations, an advisor to the Turkish governments including the current one before the head of the Turkish Regime went rabid and dreamt of becoming a caliph for Muslim Brotherhood controlled countries, the world remains dead silent.

Mr. Husni Mahalli (67 years old) is not a lightweight in the world of politics in the region, and we don’t see a Western and self-proclaimed ‘International Community’ outrage against the continuous oppression of freedom of speech and journalism in Turkey as we are accustomed to see it whenever a non-known un-named ‘activist’ is arrested rightfully in a war zone country like when in Syria, double standards? Absolutely.

On December 14, 2016 a group of Erdogan police from his home for a tweet criticizing the Turkish media handling of the Syrian Arab Army liberating Aleppo from terrorists.

The above tweet says: “In Libya, people are slaughtering each other, but no news on [Turkish] media. Syrian army clears out the murderers from Aleppo, media goes on rampage.”

This was the subject of a debate on a pro-Erdogan propaganda TV station A Haber with a media thug named Erkan Tan, an Erdogan loyalist, calling Mr. Mahalli a ‘traitor’ for using his simple right of free speech in a NATO member state which ironically got involved in the war of terror against Syria, Libya, Egypt and other countries in the region except their allies and financiers in Qatar, for lack of free speech and democracy in these countries..! Hypocrisy and double standards? Absolutely, again.

Video also available on Flickr:

In the same week, Mr. Mahalli was detained, a number of over a 1,000 Turks were detained for similar charges, 2 days later the Erdogan controlled public prosecutor in Istanbul issued a warrant to detain a further 523 servicemen and women in the Turkish Armed Forces for using a phone application called ByLock.. Including among them very high ranking officers. Erdogan had also fired over 140,000 public employees from their jobs, 10,000 of them in one day, on basis of sympathizing with the failed military coup in the summer last year, Erdogan himself was a public employee.

Erdogan Press Freedom
Erdogan Press Freedom

Erdogan’s first victim of the onslaught against free speech was this very website in 2013 when he blocked in Turkey.

Let’s just remember when Erdogan assumed powers, he carried out a plot against Turkish top generals when they informed him of a routine military drill that was planned to take place and he used his demagogic powers on his followers he was preparing over years to show the drill as a plot to overthrow his ‘democratically elected’ government.

Mr. Husni Mahalli born in Syria as a Syrian citizen, moved to Istanbul to study journalism at Istanbul University and acquired the Turkish citizenship in 2011. He worked for international broadcasters such as the BBC, NBC, and media outlets in a number of Arab countries including Syria’s official news agency SANA and Lebanese newspaper al-Akhbar. He helped bridge relations between Turkey’s Erdogan and Syrian president Dr. Bashar al-Assad before the Turkish caliph wannabe backstabbed Dr. Assad at the beginning of the Syrian crisis.

Turkey had erected camps for refugees yet to come from Syria weeks before the starting of the terrible ‘Arab Spring’ plot, the Turkish MiT (Erodgan’s right-hand security forces) helped smuggled over 700 terrorists from Iraq and other countries into Jisr Shoghour border town inside Syria, they have carried out the first massive scale massacre against 120 Syrian security personnel over night who took refuge in the State Security building in the town. The Syrian security personnel slaughtered in that night had their backs to the Turkish border guards who betrayed and back-stabbed them.

image-Turkish Journalist and Political Analyst Husni Mahalli Arrested by the Erdogan Regime
Husni Mahalli Turkish Journalist and Political Analyst Arrested by the Erdogan Regime

Mr. Mahalli was taken to hospital suffering a nerve breakdown during interrogation and was again admitted to the hospital yesterday January 3rd, 2017, for the same chronic illness he’s suffering for quite a while now.

Turkey, the world’s largest detention center for freedom and ranked the worst in the world for oppressing and detaining journalists, including editor in chiefs of leading media outlets, is still not pressured enough by its western allies and instead is being rewarded because of its instrumental damaging role against Syria and for its blackmailing of Europe abusing the refugees card.

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